Storage space and cable management spine

Sedus temptation storage

Design: speziell ®

The temptation storage family, which is based on a 1.5 binder height, is not just perfect for storing folders and trays. It also serves to structure group and bench workstation configurations, to link up and also make data and power cables all but disappear from sight. This intelligent cable management is possible without the need for a raised floor.

The range comprises shelves and storage units - open or with drawers and sliding door - for single-sided or double-sided use. These units play a central role in the cabling of workstations, as they feature concealed cable routing above the storage space.

The overall height of the furniture range of 550 mm corresponds with the cable routing of the double workstation range, Sedus temptation twin, and, when combined with the latter, offers a high degree of flexibility and various office design options, as the layout is not restricted by fixed floor boxes. The unit depth is 436 mm.

This model range comes with a laminate finish in single colours or various wood decors, the top is also veneered with high-quality real wood, onto which a durable DD varnish is applied.

In order to create a functional and conducive working environment, cushions and organisation boxes are available which route the cables between the workstations. The bridge elements can be prepared for mounting table-top lights from Waldmann, a company working in partnership with Sedus.

The system offers particular advantages for companies in terms of facility management and at the organisational level because uncomplicated and flexible planning and handling, both at the first implementation and when reconfiguring workstation units, facilitate corporate reorganisations and restructuring.

About the design team

When Sybille Fleckenstein, Jens Pohlmann and Thilo Schwer set up their design office in 2002 they named it “speziell” in order to emphasise that, for every single project, they look for unique, surprising and, indeed, special solutions. Seeking to turn the everyday into something special - that’s what drives the three product designers. They believe in the strength of a design process to which various team members contribute their own experience and expertise. This results in impressive solutions which are not based on an individual’s ego but derived from a joint approach.

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