Meeting point with the feel of a room within a room

Sedus sopha

Design: speziell ®

Movement and alternating your working posture are important for healthy office work. Even in this, the Internet age, direct dialogue is and remains the most important and most efficient way of communicating. Sedus sopha has been specially developed to promote face-to-face communication in the office. Whether for confidential conversations, informal exchanges or spontaneous team meetings – sopha is able to create a room within a room. This is a comfortable upholstered furniture system with a distinctive elegant style and many design options. It can be compared to a business suit: classic, restrained and with the ability to be combined in so many ways. It sits equally well in impressive reception areas, executive offices or central communication zones of open space offices.

Its modular design means that configuration of Sedus sopha is extremely flexible. The elements serve to give office central areas a more defined structure: in executive offices they create meeting islands and in team areas they act as a place for retreating to.

Single- or multiple-seater, open or enclosed – the wide range of  variations enable entire office landscapes to be created. The combination of base element, standard and raised corner backs and extensions allows for a versatility to suit each and every office.

With a choice of 30 different wool fabric colours and many different leather shades, Sedus sopha can be designed to fit seamlessly into any colour concept and also create striking highlights. Carcass, extensions and cushions can be used in a single colour or in a combination of colours. Matching couch tables, available in a variety of models, offer somewhere to store things and the give the sopha ensemble its homely feel.

The width dimensions of single-, two- and three-seaters: 720 mm, 1440 mm, 2160 mm.

The normal back height is 750 mm, and with extension element 1150 mm. The seat height, which is also of relevance for side tables etc., is 430 mm.

About the design team

When Sybille Fleckenstein, Jens Pohlmann and Thilo Schwer set up their design office in 2002 they named it “speziell” in order to emphasise that, for every single project, they look for unique, surprising and, indeed, special solutions. Seeking to turn the everyday into something special – that’s what drives the three product designers. They believe in the strength of a design process to which various team members contribute their own experience and expertise. This results in impressive solutions which are not based on an individual’s ego but derived from a joint approach.

There is a small selection of pictures below. For more, please visit the Sedus MediaCenter.