Uncomplicated standing meetings with optimal media integration

Sedus temptation high desk

The Sedus temptation high desk with optional media integration assists both formal and informal communication and thus enhances furnishing solutions, particularly for the open space and central zones of offices. Changing posture from sitting at a workstation to standing at the “temptation high desk” during meetings contributes to an increased sense of well-being and improved performance. This enables meetings to be accelerated and also encourages brainstorming due to the enhanced possibility for interaction.

One of the special features of the high desk is the individual integration of media technology in various configuration levels. Direct table-top access to the power supply and network connections make the use of laptops and netbooks easier. Instead of a leg frame, a media panel can be installed on the narrow side of the temptation high desk. An LCD screen can be mounted on the panel, which can be finished with either high-quality veneers, in single colours or wood decors. The central elevated positioning of the screen enables all those involved in the meeting to see the presentation. The fully equipped temptation high desk with integrated monitor and user-friendly access to the network, monitor and power supply facilitates meetings by offering state-of-the-art presentation technology. The fixed installation of the screen and connections in the high desk also radically reduces the time required to set up the presentation technology prior to meetings. This means users have direct access to all tools even for spontaneous meetings.

As an addition to the Sedus temptation product family, the module is based on the functional profile of the 4-leg table. When sitting on bar stools or standing at the table, leg posture is assisted by a stainless steel footrest fixed to the frame.
Thanks to the wide variety of versions and media technology options, this table design can be used for a large spectrum of applications. The high desk is equally at home in the office and at “coffee points” and canteens as well as in reception areas, shops and at trade fair information desks.

There is a small selection of pictures below. For more, please visit the Sedus MediaCenter.