Sedus Sketch Plugin “1st Office Furniture & Chairs Extension – Sedus Sketch Multi Version” for SketchUp

The 3D software SketchUp is becoming more and more popular in lots of industries. With it, Sedus has recognised the associated requirement for high-quality 3D models for SketchUp and found ways of providing users of the software with their 3D data.

So since May 2014, Sedus has been providing greater quantities of non-configurable 3D graphics of selected products in the SketchUp 3D Warehouse to download. Sedus has worked with EasternGraphics to develop yet another option for providing planning support for office developers, and for the first time at the end of 2014 made the 2013/2014 version of the Sedus Sketch Plugin in the Extension Warehouse available as a download. This plugin enables users to carry out the OFML based configuration of Sedus products directly in SketchUp, because the pCon configurator can be then opened online in SketchUp. This means that the entire Sedus product range is available for configuration, and the results can be inserted directly in the planning software without the user have to exit his application or to keep on saving his work.

Since 25 April 2016, the Sedus Sketch Plugin has been available as a multi version. Unlike the first version of 2014, this plugin version is compatible with numerous current versions of SketchUp.

The Sedus Sketch Plugin “1st Office Furniture & Chairs Extension – Sedus Sketch Multi Version” is available to download free in the SketchUp Extension Warehouse, and can be used by Windows and Apple users.

Please note: in order to access the Sedus Sketch Plugin, please select either the “Architecture” or “Interior design” industry, or search directly for Sedus.