Version of proven neck support in high-quality vinyl now available again.

The neck supports of the open mind, black dot, yeah! and quarterback swivel chairs are characterised by their fine silhouette and their simultaneously high stability. As they can be steplessly adjusted vertically and inclined forwards and backwards, they are highly adaptable to the sitting person's posture.

This neck support for daily use was originally conceived with an easy-to-clean synthetic-leather cover. However, the finish of the synthetic-leather was not satisfactory. As a replacement, all neck supports were then made in black leather. Thanks to an improved covering technique, we have succeeded in providing our customers with the original version of the neck support but this time covered in high-quality synthetic-leather, which is easy to clean and made-to-last.

For all orders that we receive from CW 9 onwards, the neck support will be supplied covered with the high-quality imitation leather. This applies to all chair models with fabric upholstery. The leather models continue to be available with the neck support in the selected leather colour.

We wish you continued success in selling our open mind, black dot, yeah! and quarterback series of chairs.