The "office of the future" has been with us for a long time

Celebrating the 150th anniversary of Sedus Stoll

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With the motto "Sedus since 1871", Sedus Stoll AG is celebrating its 150th birthday. The associated image of the tree is a symbol of the essence and uniqueness of the company: consistent, close to nature, natural and caring. Sedus has always pursued its very own strategy without much hype, and conquered its firm place in the office world with passion, commitment and its inventive spirit. 

With an attitude, a vision, a doer mentality and courage, Albert Stoll I laid the foundations in 1871 for what Sedus is today. 150 years of company history – that's 150 years of great ideas, accompanied by groundbreaking innovations, full of excellent products and solutions.

The foundation for the family business was laid by Albert Stoll I, who put his idea of a chair into practice. He passed on his visions and his inventive spirit – his son Albert Stoll II has continued and expanded what had already started out so promisingly. What would the office be without the invention of the "Federdreh", almost 100 years ago?

As the company continued to grow, the founder's grandson Christof and his wife Emma Stoll have had a significant impact on the company since the 1950s. They were the driving force behind the company canteen with whole foods, the profit participation for employees and the Stoll VITA Foundation, which, together with the Karl Bröcker Foundation, holds over 90% of the company shares. Both foundations ensure entrepreneurial independence and are dedicated to charitable causes, such as public health, scientific research, protection of the environment and nature and the support of young people and children in need.

By merging with Gesika (now Sedus Systems GmbH), Sedus became a full-range supplier and has since been providing modern, comprehensive furnishings worldwide. Driven by the pioneering spirit, Sedus continues to set new standards.

Attitude with foresight

The office world is currently experiencing a true renaissance. The topic of the "office of the future" is becoming a major trend around the globe, which is further accelerated by the recent effects of the pandemic.

Today, there is hardly any company that does not address its administrative and creative processes. There are many factors and reasons for this, such as digitalisation, real estate prices, the war of talents and globalisation. What sounded like mere slogans yesterday has long since become reality. Yet the formula for success is quite simple: People and their ideas are the most precious productive capital which is central to a company's success and guarantees its competitiveness.

The challenge is to keep capable employees and attract new ones, to bring together know-how originating in the analogue world and newer digitally based knowledge sources, and to create inspiring learning environments that enable maximum creativity through new agility. Flexible and intelligent furnishings provide the perfect environment for a wide variety of types of work.  

One of the core tasks of the technology pioneers and office furniture experts at Sedus has always been the "office of the future". Successful office planning is much more than merely the sum of the furniture placed in it. It can bring application and furnishing into perfect harmony and create environments that provide new motivation every day. Future-proof office landscapes must be attractive and inviting, yet also functional and spontaneously changeable. They give us the freedom to decide where, how and with whom we want to work.

Company executives are looking for solutions for hybrid working models and future-proof furnishings; facility managers are addressing the topics of space and area utilisation as well as the digital connection of office furnishings to building technology. Unlike most of its competitors, Sedus, a traditional manufacturer, faced up to the new challenges at an early stage and, as a complete provider, now offers not only furniture but also technologically complex solutions. The office workscape is still a long way from self-learning systems. However, video conferencing, virtual reality and space and workstation management by means of IoT sensor technology have long been part of everyday life, especially for globally operating customers. 

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