Sustainable office furniture since 1871

What does it mean to do business and work sustainably? What are the characteristics of sustainable production? For Sedus, it means practising a holistic approach that protects the foundations for tomorrow's life, today. In order to maintain an environmentally intact world, environmental protection and resource conservation are indispensable – this ranges from the choice of materials for sustainable office furniture to processing and packaging to recycling.

The number of our awards shows that sustainability is a top priority at Sedus. This extends from Christof Stoll getting voted Eco Manager of the Year in 1993, to the Eco Audit in compliance with the EU standard 1995, to Sedus being the world's first office furniture manufacturer to have received the EMAS III certification in 2010. The next objective has also been clearly set: Sedus wants to be CO2 neutral by 2025.

The development, manufacturing and marketing of office furniture follow the Sedus Green Code – transparent and sustainable at all times. The individual stages of the process are by no means linear; they are an integral part of a well thought-out recycling economy.


Right from the start: There is an idea behind every product. As early as the development stage, we think about the choice of materials, take environmental aspects into account and keep an eye on the future. The utmost thoughtfulness is given to the development of design concepts in-house.


Environmentally friendly resources: Short distances and certified materials, such as wood, are important for the environmentally conscious procurement of raw materials. That's why Sedus stands for Made in Germany.


Produced locally: Production in our own factories enables the best possible control. Environmentally relevant processes remain in our own hands. The same applies to efficient energy generation and energy-saving consumption.


On the way to the customer: Place value on the right measure – both in terms of the quantity of packaging materials and the packing dimensions. Logistics and shipping are optimised with intelligent packaging systems and the right loading of the trucks.


Why Sedus: All products meet high requirements and are designed to last for a long time. Quality and premium manufacturing have a high priority because it is so important to experience joy when using our products.


Repair instead of throwing away: Not everything lasts forever. That's why we have Sedus reprocessing. With the warranty on spare parts, even old treasures can be brought back to life.


Second chance: Office furniture that has been used for photo shoots and trade fairs, or even sample products, has a right to be reused and is sold via the Sedus Outlet, for example.


The last journey: Sedus also takes care of what happens afterwards. Due to an in-house recycling centre, the sorting of materials and the recycling of office equipment is very easy.

Certificates that identify good office furniture

Blue Angel

The Blue Angel certificate guarantees that Sedus products are produced in an environmentally friendly manner, in accordance with high standards.



The Greenguard certificate confirms that Sedus products are developed and manufactured with low chemical emissions and, therefore, do not have a negative impact on the indoor air when in use.


GS label of TÜV Rheinland

The GS label from TÜV Rheinland indicates that Sedus products meet all important quality and safety standards.


Tested for harmful substances by TÜV Rheinland

The Toxproof from TÜV Rheinland ensures that Sedus products have a low content of harmful substances and are harmless to health.

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