The traditional office is constantly evolving – over and over again.
It is developing into a place of diverse application and work areas. It is a place where both individuals and teams can meet up and connect. It is evident that cooperation and exchange are just as important as retreat and concentration. The type and quality of furnishings have a great influence on interaction and personal wellbeing. The connection between furniture and digital solutions is taking on an increasingly important role. They form a symbiosis and are to be viewed as an interplay for the design and the creation of a new spatial experience.

So, how can we turn the personal workspace into a place of well-being? Answers to this question will be given by the new products that Sedus will be presenting at this year's Orgatec under the motto “The Personal Touch”. After all, the more we identify with the work as well as the working environment and the more the set-up meets our requirements, the better we can live up to our full potential. With the New Arrivals Autumn/Winter 2022, new products, upgrades and modifications make their way into the Sedus portfolio.

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My personal sphere

There was a time when people used to say: “my desk is my castle”. Exactly 10 years ago, a book with this title by Uta Brandes and Michael Erlhoff, described the employees’ desk as a means of expression, acknowledging the importance of the freedom to personalise it, to create ownership and a sense of belonging. Today, first the proliferation of digital technology and then the pandemic have transformed the way we work. Multiple and different furnishings are now available to choose from – we have the freedom to customise much more than just a work surface.

In our diffused way of working, personal tools have significantly increased in both quantity and performance: they are no longer limited to a laptop or mobile phone, but involve apps, sharing platforms, wearables, sensors, microphones and cameras. They all require an internet connection, share data on the cloud and promise to help us manage our lives in a better way. Researchers say that there are already ten connected tools that can talk to each other in an average US household. This trend is expected to increase exponentially in both the home and the office in the next few years. In general, we all tend to consider these objects not as mere tools, but as true extensions of our bodies and minds; we express our creativity, share knowledge and try to personalise the space we live in according to our needs.


The new Sedus INSIGHTS N° 16 explores how personal technology is changing the way we work and why companies should welcome it.

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