Fire safety in offices and buildings

Approved fire safety concepts are required for public or commercial buildings, which relate not only to the building materials used, but also, in some cases, to the furnishings.

In the case of furniture, reference is sometimes made to B1 classification “flame-retardant”, which is used for building materials. Unlike individual building materials, however, upholstered and contract furniture consists of several different materials that are closely interconnected. Even if individual materials are classified as flame-retardant on their own, they exhibit completely different fire behaviour when combined.

Upholstered and contract furniture are, therefore, subject to their own standards that take these special features into account – and their test methods allow a reliable evaluation of their actual fire behaviour. In addition to European standards, some countries have their own national classifications that are also applied.

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  • Why furniture is a special case when it comes to fire safety
  • Standards and test methods by country

  • European  and country-specific. standards
  • Our commitment to fire safety
  • Which fire safety standards Sedus complies with

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New fire safety fabric ‘One’

‘One’ is a new fabric in the Sedus collection that fulfils various fire resistance requirements. ‘One’ is a knitted fabric made from 100% recycled polyester, which is obtained from bottle flakes (shredded PET bottles). It is durable, robust, breathable and certified in accordance with the Global Recycled Standard. The fabric is dyed in one piece and has a very fresh look.

Overview of the standards Sedus complies with

CountryTest standard or
classification standard
Short descriptionUpholstered
FurnitureIs fulfilled by
EUEN 1021-1Cigarette testx All cover fabrics
EN 1021-2Match testx Cover fabrics without
flame-retardant foam*
EN 13823
EN ISO-11925

N 13501-1 B-S2 d0
EN 13501 1C S1 d0

SBI test
Surface flame


 xB1 table tops
DEDIN EN-1021-1
DIN 66084 P-c
Cigarette testx Standard
DIN EN-1021-2
DIN 66084 P-b
Match testx Code 6004
DIN 66084
DIN 66084 P-a
Paper cushion testse:works Code 6004
DIN 4102 B1
ersetzt durch EN 13501-1
  xB1 wood particle table tops
GBBS 5852 Crib 5Crib, Size 5x Code 6004
BS 7176 (FFFSR) x Code 6024
ITUNI 9175 / class 1.IMSmall burner test
for upholstered
x Code 6044
UNI 8457 & UNI 9174 /
class 1.IM
Small burner test
Surface flame impingement
Flame spread
x Code 6044

*see details on cover materials

Further information and consulting

Fire safety in offices and buildings is a highly complex topic. In practice, the requirements for furnishings in buildings can vary depending on the specific characteristics of the property. If in doubt, we recommend that you seek advice from your local authorities.

Should you have any technical questions about our products and their fire safety properties, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are also happy to offer you our years of experience and customised fire simulations when it comes to the most stringent fire safety requirements.

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