Sedus Stoll AG – Office furniture manufacturer since 1871

Sedus Stoll AG, based in Dogern (Waldshut administrative district), is one of the leading all-round providers of office furniture and workplace concepts. The development and production take place at two locations in Germany. The high-quality office furniture, "Made in Germany", is sold around the world. Sedus is a well-established brand name and is represented in Europe and Dubai by nine subsidiaries as well as in over 70 countries around the world. As an office furniture expert and technological pioneer, Sedus has continued to set standards with its innovative products and solutions throughout its 150-year company history – above all, in the areas of ergonomics, design and sustainability.

Vision and Mission

We really care

Our vision is to be recognised as the leading company for the way we really care. We strive to collaborate, expand our footprint in sustainability and give back to society to enhance overall quality of life.

Express genius at work

We develop smart workspace solutions based on a human-centric approach. By providing our customers and the community with a superior quality experience, we help them express their genius at work and give them the feeling that “we really care”.

Our responsibility as a member of society

Human rights and working conditions: It is part of  our mission to put people at the centre of our business activities. We ensure that our actions strictly comply  with the law and ethical principles.


Products developed and manufactured in Germany

The steel that arrives at Sedus is stored in the raw material tower and processed into blanks. Various presses, turning, grinding and bending machines, a tube laser and welding robots are available for this purpose.

The surface treatment is used for corrosion protection and also for visual appearance. The corresponding parts are either galvanised or powder-coated. Powder coating is an environmentally friendly process because it is solvent-free and produces little waste. It was possible to convert to chromium 3 due to the new, modern electroplating plant.

Foam, textile and leather are cut to size, upholstery foam is attached to seat plates and backrests, and the upholstery is then fitted. Due to the CNC-controlled textile cutting and the efficient manual cutting of leather, the offcuts are kept low, thus reducing waste.

Wooden parts, such as armrests and backrests, seat shells or desktops are made from raw material and, depending on their use, are veneered, layer-glued, sawn and milled. All visible parts are varnished before assembly and stained beforehand, if necessary.

The parts manufacturing department produces almost all wooden components for office desks and cabinets. Furthermore, all drilling, milling and fitting work is carried out on the drilling line and the wooden dowels are automatically placed.

In this final stage of manufacturing, the components from metal and wood production as well as upholstery and sewing are assembled to finished products (office swivel chairs, partner chairs, sofas, free-standing screens, desks, cupboards). The products are then ready to be shipped.

Corporate structure

Sedus Stoll AG is an unlisted public limited company which operates as an office furniture manufacturer under the Sedus brand. The company is majority-owned by the Stoll VITA Foundation in Waldshut and the Karl Bröcker Foundation in Lippstadt. The two foundations, which are intended to uphold the entrepreneurial independence of Sedus Stoll AG, pursue charitable aims.

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