Labour and human rights

Sedus is currently one of only 14 companies in Germany to receive SA8000 certification for social responsibility in the workplace in 2023. The certificate serves as proof of the company's commitment to human rights and ensures that the socially responsible management system is properly implemented, monitored and applied at Sedus and along the supply chain.


The internationally recognised SA8000 certification standard stipulates compliance with internationally recognised labour rights as set out in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, the conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and other international human rights standards as well as national labour law.

The criteria that the SA8000 prioritises include:

  • No child or forced labour
  • Minimum standards in the area of occupational health and safety
  • Freedom of association
  • Right to collective bargaining
  • No discrimination
  • No physical or psychological disciplinary practices
  • Compliance with the working hours regulations
  • A living wage
  • Further requirements for the management

SA8000 certification makes the social responsibility efforts of Sedus more visible. Sedus is proud to be able to fulfil the high requirements set out in the international SA8000 standard. Continuous improvement is achieved through regular meetings of the Social Performance Team (SPT) and regular external and internal audits, among other things.

To ensure that Sedus always meets the requirements, employees are regularly informed about progress and included in audits in the form of interviews. Sedus has also set up a reporting centre for environmental and ethical violations in its own business area, and also along the supply chain. In order to maintain clear responsibilities, various assignments were defined for the Group and the individual sites.

These efforts are monitored and certified by external auditors to ensure that Sedus not only honours its promises, but also continuously strives to improve its working practices. At Sedus, social responsibility is not just a promise, but a commitment that is lived every day.


SA8000 CERTIFICATE Sedus Systems GmbH


As a globally networked company, Sedus sets high standards and has them verified by external organisations.


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