How can we design offices to make them attractive to employees again?
Today’s attractive offices or workplaces must be flexible and oriented towards the needs of employees, providing them the choice to select a workspace that best suits them. These developments significantly impact the usage of offices and office buildings, leading to transformative changes across entire city districts.

Under the motto “Work and the City – the temptation Office”, the New Arrivals will join the Sedus portfolio in Winter 2023/2024.

They reflect the new trends and provide answers to the question of what the urban working world could look like. With the perfect symbiosis of design and function, the furnishings support the hybrid approach and the feel-good atmosphere. After all, the office is no longer merely a place of work, but rather a meeting place for informal ways of working and interactive exchange. The social aspects play an important role: Meeting colleagues in the office and cultivating relationships on a personal level.

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Workplace Blend

Today, “going to work” or “going to the office” are no longer synonymous. The effects of this simple – almost banal – consideration are evident in the work spaces we use. So evident that they are challenging the traditional relationship between the office and the city.

The adoption of hybrid work has impacted with different intensity in differing work cultures. In the US the change seems to have been profound, causing sharp reactions and leading to a total rethinking of business districts, often in the centre of the city. San Francisco is an example of these vacant downtowns, having over 2.5 million square metres of empty office space. In Europe, on the other hand, the change does not seem to have been that evident, although it has resulted in reshaping the role of office facilities and the integration of the “third place” concept.

The new issue of Sedus INSIGHTS reports on how the city and the office are intermingling to offer people new working environments adapted to all functional and emotional needs.


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