Sedus Green Codex – R strategie

Development, manufacturing and marketing of Sedus products follows the Sedus Green Codex, and is part of a well thought-out circular economy designed to minimise resources, waste, emissions and energy. This process also includes the R strategies, which consist of Repair, Refurbish, Reuse and Recycling.

The disposal of old office furniture has a major impact on the environmental footprint of a product and, ultimately, a project. For this purpose, Sedus offers various solutions.

Repair & Refurbish



Repair & Refurbish

Repairing and reprocessing instead of throwing away – it is possible with the availability guarantee on spare parts. For many products, customers can simply grab a tool and replace a defective or worn part themselves. Sedus Customer Service also offers the option of professional assistance with replacements.

  • Replaceable back and seat upholstery, e.g. for the se:motion swivel chair
  • Use of easy-to-clean materials
  • Increasing product life expectancy due to spare parts


Office furniture from photo shoots and trade shows as well as sample products are reused in the Sedus outlet. All products offered are subjected to a technical inspection before resale to ensure that they function without fault. Each year, around 1,000 products are prepared and then resold at a greatly reduced price. This not only saves resources, but also pleases those looking for a bargain.

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Separable materials and an in-house scrap yard make recycling easier:

  • Sorting of separable materials for easy recycling
  • Collection of products no longer in use
  • Continuous improvement of material recycling

Sedus Take-Back in collaboration with PreZero

In co-operation with PreZero, a recycling expert, Sedus offers the disposal and recycling of old office furniture. The offer applies to all old office furniture – not only Sedus products. Saved emissions can be credited to a project as part of the life cycle assessment, which reduces its carbon footprint.



As a globally networked company, Sedus sets high standards and has them verified by external organisations.


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