Workshop tools & Accessories

Different structures, different requirements, new work concepts: Modern offices are increasingly being transformed into open spaces and are characterised by communicative in-between zones, decentralised work areas and different types of rooms. There is a need for more flexibility in order to give free rein to thoughts and ideas. For productive and creative work in agile teams – exactly what se:lab optimally supports.
se:lab tableboard
se:lab tableboard is a table and whiteboard in one. The mobile table, set on castors, is height-adjustable by means of an electric motor and equipped with a rechargeable battery so that it can be used independently of a stationary power supply.
How is it possible to provide furniture for press conferences, workshops and trade fairs quickly and easily? And which furniture is flexible enough for shortterm update meetings? se:note is always the right choice when time is limited and you need to be spontaneous. The micro-workplace, which is reduced to the bare essentials, requires no assembly or preparation. It is always ready for use: just put it in place and get started.
In the modern globalised economy, knowledge is our productive capital. Knowledge that needs to be compiled, shared, and exchanged in order to grow. Sedus brainstorm has been developed to create the ideal conditions for these processes. The comprehensive, flexible range of furniture and accessories promotes knowledge transfer, team, and project work within the company in its own unique way. By means of intelligent functionality, encouraging communication.
Monitor Caddy
With its perfectly designed equipment integration, the Sedus monitor caddy is ideal for fast, efficient presentations and conferences. The integrated grid enables flat screens up to 60” to be screw mounted directly onto the monitor caddy, thus reducing the mounting depth of the monitor.
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