From swivel and visitor chairs, height-adjustable desks and efficient storage elements to room-in-room systems, workshop tools and digital solutions – the Sedus product portfolio comprises a wide range of products for holistic office design.

With high-quality materials, careful manufacturing and innovative functions, seating furniture from Sedus meets the highest standards – in terms of ergonomics and design as well as sustainability.
Storage space
Integrated office design includes swivel chairs and desks as well as cabinets and storage space. Modular office furniture systems from Sedus make organisation and order very easy.
Digital solutions
The modern furnished office is optimally complemented and supported by digital solutions, such as wireless charging or management systems.
The spectrum ranges from height-adjustable desks to compact desks for the home office, small side tables and large meeting tables. Therefore, the right solution is available for every task.
Room elements, screens & acoustics
In the office, sound is just as important as light and temperature. To ensure that everyone can work undisturbed, screen elements and screens provide the necessary shielding.
Workshop Tools & Accessories
To ensure that the workspace is optimally equipped, there are various workshop tools as well as accessories that complement the furnishing and the feeling of well-being.
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