Charitable commitment is firmly anchored in the corporate structure of Sedus Stoll AG, as the company is majority-owned by two foundations, the Stoll VITA Foundation in Waldshut and the Karl Bröcker Foundation in Lippstadt.

Stoll VITA Foundation


Karl Bröcker Foundation


The two foundations are intended to uphold the entrepreneurial independence of Sedus Stoll AG and pursue philanthropic aims. As a leading industrial company, Sedus plays a key role in the development and production of high-quality, innovative and versatile furnishing solutions and concepts. This commitment reflects our close ties to the foundations and underlines our endeavours to create future-oriented working environments.

Stoll VITA Foundation

The Stoll VITA Foundation promotes scientific research, public healthcare, education, environmental protection and nature conservation in accordance with the founders' wishes.

“In the long term, successful entrepreneurial activity always requires value-orientated roots.”

By starting the foundation, Emma and Christof Stoll intended, on the one hand, to regulate the company succession of the then Christof Stoll GmbH & Co. KG, now Sedus Stoll AG. On the other hand, they also wished their lifelong commitment and attitude to life to be continued in an organisationally independent, charitable institution. Their main objectives were to promote holistic medicine, a healthy diet, environmental protection and nature conservation.

Emma Stoll (†2010) und Christof Stoll (†2003)

March 8, 1985

Board of the foundation:
Adelheid Kummle (Chairperson)
Heinrich Lachenmaier (Deputy Chairperson)
Dr. Klaus Eisele

Assets and returns:
The assets of the foundation consist primarily of the majority shareholding in Sedus Stoll AG, which the founders transferred to the foundation as a gift during their lifetime. The foundation finances its activities from the company dividends.

Stoll VITA Foundation, Brückenstraße 15, D-79761 Waldshut

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Karl Bröcker Foundation

The Karl Bröcker Foundation primarily supports educational projects as well as medical and therapeutic projects and facilities for children in Germany and abroad.

“Children are the future and yet there are many children and young people without opportunities for a free life, safety, health and education. Helping them is the goal and mission.”

The purpose of the foundation is to promote youth welfare, including the respective caregivers, and public health, to support persons who fulfil the requirements of Section 53 of the German Fiscal Code, and to raise funds for charitable institutions that pursue a similar purpose.

Renate Bröcker (†1998)

January 26, 1999

Chairperson of the foundation:
Susanne Brandherm

Advisory Board:
Werner Blanke
Carsten Walter
Andrea Wisk

Assets and returns:
The foundation's assets consist of the shareholding in Sedus Stoll AG and various investments..

Karl Bröcker Foundation, Lipperoder Straße 11, D-59555 Lippstadt

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