New office trends

The topics of individualisation, health, connectivity and well-being are changing the vision of the office of the future. The focus lies on people, smart connectivity enables new forms of collaboration and the new "We Culture" calls for a new approach to room design and communication possibilities. 


In a harmonious office environment, body and mind are in tune with the daily workflow. Health, individuality and optimism are defining factors for the new office design. The human being conquers the office and is the focus of the design.


Our digital world demands more and more dynamics and spontaneity. Furniture and spaces must, therefore, adapt to different requirements and work situations. They are quickly changeable and offer the user different possibilities for retreat or for an open exchange of ideas.


Living and office are merging more and more. Cosiness plays an increasingly important role, as employees feel more balanced and relaxed in a pleasant environment. Elements that are otherwise found in the home environment now have an important meaning in the office.

Colour Schemes for the Modern Office

With their diverse possibilities, colours, fabrics and surfaces design entire working environments and living spaces. Used sensitively and in harmony with the surroundings, it is possible to create very special spaces. Spaces in which people feel comfortable and can work effectively. There is more than just black and white: Colours have the power to create a positive mood and influence the environment. Well-chosen colour harmonies and pleasant combinations can transform the office into a place of well-being.



Lounge feeling

Powerful, dark colours and smooth textures create spaces with a lounge feeling. The mix of distinctive statements and classic elements highlights the innovative combination of the old and the new. Jewel colours stand for value and mix with sensual, soft silk tones. This gives the office a soft look with a calming and elegant touch.


Furniture with personality

In order to embrace new ideas and pursue creative approaches without any preconceptions, it is important to be surrounded by an activating and agile ambience. Powerful contrasts and intense, sensual colours, such as fresh shades of blue, vibrant melon tones and energetic yellow nuances, help you unfold your mind and be creative.


Working wellness

Lightness and pure clarity underline the smart and, at the same time, pleasant working atmosphere. Digitality and intelligent technology thus become tangible and authentic, as demonstrated by an innovative interplay of familiar lime and chalk tones and soft shades of blue, lilac and blonde. The minimalist colour palette creates subtle aesthetics in which spatial silence, purity and freshness prevail.


Authentic and promoting health

Familiar simplicity blends with natural authenticity. Soft, round shapes are in harmony with extra matt surfaces and soft textures. A slightly nuanced connection between the colours and accessories shows the increasing globalisation and the importance of tradition and closeness to nature in our fast-paced world.

Discover the Sedus world of colours

The colour world configurator allows you to play through different design options for different workspaces using the Sedus colour worlds. This allows you to gather initial ideas and impressions and ultimately make the right choice for your own office.

Design according to a recipe: the Sedus Colour Cookbook

The colour cookbook comprises around 200 pages. It has been specially designed for the professional furnishing of office and working environments. The developed colour recipes are easy to look up and are designed to encourage people to bring more colour into their daily work. Predefined colour combinations are included as well as compiled collections that optimally support different working styles and situations. The colour cookbook has been developed in cooperation with the colour designers Livia Baum and Jutta Werner.


Determine colours with pin and app

Using the Sedus NCS app and the Colour Pin, the great world of colours is always at hand on your smartphone. This makes it easy to define, store and share colours. The Colour Pin is used to scan the desired colour. The connected app provides the most important information, such as CMYK or RGB values. Thus, it is possible to create individual colour libraries and to refer to them, for example, when it comes to furnishing matters.


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