Sedus sets things in motion

In modern office environments, people work together on projects, develop ideas, create solutions, exchange knowledge and invent new things. The way of working is just as individual as the numerous talents of each employee. What does it mean to go forward with know-how and commitment and thereby actively move one's own future as well as the development of our working world?

Working at Sedus is more than just a job – working at Sedus means making a difference

Sedus moves the world in many ways

Social responsibility

Founded as a family business, Sedus is now run as an unlisted public limited company. Two foundations ensure entrepreneurial independence and support charitable causes. The Stoll VITA Foundation focuses on scientific research as well as the promotion of sustainability, environmental protection and nature conservation. The Karl Bröcker Foundation is very active in projects that help children and young people in need.

Employee participation

A philosophy that goes back to the 1950s. Ahead of his time, the company owner Christof Stoll was aware that motivated employees are a company's greatest asset, and profit participation is still firmly anchored in the corporate ethos today. Furthermore, employee participation is also reflected in the regular conduct of employee surveys.

Balance of body and mind

To achieve this goal, there is the company's extensive occupational health management (BGM, Betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement).  Whether it's a health day, web-based applications for mini-breaks or the provision of delicious, healthy recipes; preventive care is just as much a part of the programme as daily exercise. Running geek, snow fan or music maker?  In addition, Sedus leisure activities offer plenty of opportunities to pursue one's hobby or revive an old passion.

Energy-charged employees

Delicious, high-quality food is served fresh every day in the company restaurants ”Oase” in Dogern and “Loft” in Geseke. Careful preparation and regional and seasonal products are the key. The apples, which are available free of charge, and the vegetable broth made according to Emma Stoll's recipe provide refreshment in between meals.

Appreciation for long-term commitment

Employees who have contributed to the company with their commitment and experience over the years are deservedly celebrated. Appreciation is given to all employees, whether they are celebrating their 10th, 25th or 40th anniversary with the company.

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