In the era of ergonomics: Sedus as an exemplary office chair manufacturer

Everyone who works in an office knows that a lot of time is spent at the desk sitting down. This is a body position that requires little movement and is not healthy in the long term. Sedus is aware of this problem. This is why our designers, developers and constructors have made it their business to produce ergonomic swivel chairs, conference chairs and office furniture that support us in our work in the best possible way and keep an eye on the health of our employees.

When it comes to ergonomics, the office chair manufacturer Sedus has always been a pioneer and continues to design highly functional ergonomic office chairs and well thought-out furniture. For activities that require sitting, it is important that the body is optimally supported. The backrest plays just as important a role as the seat surface, armrests and the mechanism of the swivel chair. These are the aspects that designers pay particular attention to.

DIN EN: 1335-1:2023 Typ A

Sedus is one of the first manufacturers to comply with the new standard, thereby setting a benchmark in the office for diversity and ergonomics

Back-friendly office furniture pays off

Office furniture that is designed to promote health and back health also encourages active working. This allows you to break through the monotony of sitting on your own desk chair and easily integrate movement into your everyday working life – for example, with a height-adjustable desk. The increased activity also boosts circulation and blood flow, which in turn has positive effects on concentration and productivity.

Ergonomic office chairs are valuable work partners

For sitting to be ergonomic, it is important that the body, and the back in particular, are optimally supported. A well-shaped backrest with lumbar support fits perfectly and its dynamic aspects ensure that the intervertebral discs remain flexible. A well-formed seat surface provides good support for the thighs, so that the legs enjoy the best possible comfort. As a user-oriented office chair manufacturer, Sedus also makes sure that all controls are intuitive and easy to reach.

You can read how to optimise your own office chair and workplace in this blog post:

Adjusting the office chair correctly

How to actively shape work

There is one effective way to counteract permanent sitting: movement. This begins with active sitting and the change of sitting positions and extends to meetings that are held while standing. If possible, the workplace can also be changed in between.

Campain for Healthy Backs (AGR, Aktion Gesunder Rücken)

The AGR (Campaign for Healthy Backs) quality seal is used to identify products the ergonomic quality of which has been tested by various medical disciplines. The chairs and furniture from Sedus are also regularly submitted to the independent committee and awarded the seal of approval due to their ergonomic properties.

Products with AGR label

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