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Well-being is a state that relates to emotional, physical and mental balance. When people are relaxed and happy, their thoughts and ideas can run free. Achieving personal goals and self-realisation also contribute to well-being. The current awareness of health and mindfulness along with a desire for increased social interaction is promoted by a sensual and communicative design and transferred to the office with the help of a harmonious environment. Values, such as empathy and emotionality, are gaining in importance, and cosy offices can now help to increase employee satisfaction, promote creativity and ultimately improve productivity.


This room combines functionality with comfort. Warm and soft colours create a cosy atmosphere, while light woods and dark frames provide a contemporary elegance. The warm, expressive yellow takes centre stage and is accompanied by delicate lilac and pink tones. The “Inviting Office” concept stands for a friendly, balanced design language with a positive aura and promotes dialogue and social interaction.

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Soft red and cream colours give the office a sociable and stimulating touch that supports communicative working. In combination with earthy, subtle colours, they create a cosy, homely feel in the room and establish a calming and stylish working environment. The use of warm woods, a rounded design language and a cosy lighting atmosphere create a collective feel-good space.

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Relaxing, refreshing shades of green support a mindful design language that blurs the boundaries between inside and outside. In combination with calm beige tones, natural materials, such as wood and stone, and a biophilic design, we incorporate natural elements, thus creating an authentic and natural minimalism. Plants also enhance the quality of the space and support a healthy working environment.

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Natural powder and beige tones look familiar and are reflected in the soft textile surfaces and light-coloured woods with soft grains. Slowing down and mindfulness are top priorities in the “Intimate Office”. The environment is tailored to human needs and the subtle colour scheme creates a calm, relaxed atmosphere. The result is a protected space that radiates a sense of security and allows plenty of freedom for individual expression.

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