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Everything is subject to change and the world of work is no exception. Whilst just a few years ago the office was still the most important workplace, today many people also work at home, in coworking spaces or on the road. Working is more versatile and multi-faceted than ever before. Especially in big cities, creative, culturally driven impulses are forming new hybrid ways of work that could not be more different from a classic office.

Reason enough to take a look behind the scenes: in ten interviews, we get to know the workspaces, work styles, work facets and furniture of creative people across Europe. These personal insights show people who are actively shaping the working world of today and tomorrow.

For us, it was not only a pleasure but a wonderful experience to talk to them and experience their inspirations.


Facets of Work

Work does not automatically mean office. Workplaces are as diverse as the professions and the people who perform them. The personal touch plays a special role, the demand for one’s own actions and the desire to make a positive difference for oneself and for others – in facets that could not be more different.

Through crisis via chat

Psychological problems among young people are increasing. But for many, it is not easy to seek help and support. Often the hurdles that young people seem to have to overcome are simply too high. The Berlin start-up “krisenchat” shows how a digital offering has helped to start vital conversations. Co-founder Melanie Eckert explains to us how the platform makes a real difference for young people with its low-threshold access to professional help.


Home Office Stories

A working world without a home office? Hardly imaginable any more. The home office has become firmly established as a place to work. Many freelancers and creative professionals have set up their own four walls as a permanent workplace. How do you reconcile your private and professional life? “Home Office Stories” provides exclusive insights.

A home office as a think tank for the latest trends

What would you expect when visiting the home of a trend expert in Stockholm? Light wood, simple, functional furniture and reduced shades? Not at Stefan Nilsson’s home. His home office is bursting with strong colour accents, unusual shapes and creative individual pieces. He explains in this interview how the work in his home office inspires his job as a trend expert and journalist every day.


Extraordinary Places to Work

Here today, there tomorrow. Mobile working has brought with it a lot of freedom; people no longer work only in the office, but in coworking spaces, cafés or on the go. It is not unusual for a change of location and new impressions to inspire the productive spirit. That is why the workplace of choice can sometimes be a little more – more extraordinary.

Floating Spaces

The concept of living on water is centuries old. In international metropolises such as Amsterdam, London or Seattle, entire residential districts have been floating on the water for years. While floating houses are already an integral part of the cityscape in many places, the office boat “LORE” in Hamburg is a real one-off. We spoke to owner Martin Müller-Wolff about the very special office experience.


New Era of Seating

A kingdom for comfort. Soft seating furniture should be comfortable and at the same time create a cosy as well as productive atmosphere. Called a couch, lounge chair, three-seater or even a living landscape, the choice of names show that it is about much more than just seating. It is about comfort while doing – and a new era of sitting.

“For some kinds of activity, you do not need a desk”

Designer Robin Rizzini has taken up the theme of “soft seating” in a working context. For Sedus, he has designed the se:living sofa. In this interview he gives an insight behind the scenes and into recent developments.


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