To be in the black is a win for everyone

Around 150 years of company existence are the result of a special principle: For Sedus, acting economically means much more than just making a profit. Instead, it is about forward-looking and sustainable management for the benefit of the entire company, its employees and the general public interest.

This approach is also made possible by the corporate organisation and ownership structure. Formerly owner-managed, Sedus is now an unlisted public limited company with no obligations to external investors. The majority shareholders are two foundations, the Stoll VITA Foundation and the Karl Bröcker Foundation, which pursue exclusively charitable purposes.

Instead of short-term profit-seeking, Sedus, therefore, focuses on long-term healthy development. Anti-cyclical investments and continuous improvements involving all employees have ensured that Sedus has been profitable for decades, which is a win for everyone.

You can read about this development in the current annual report of Sedus Stoll AG, which once again shows that Sedus is on the right track with this philosophy.


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