Because profits are not everything

As a medium-sized company, Sedus is dependent on economic success – even if only to ensure the continued existence of all its employees. However, there are also very specific values to which Sedus is committed. This has always included a commitment to social causes.

Donations instead of gifts: Gratitude as the greatest gift

Those who are lucky and successful in life should also give something back to those who are not doing so well. This applies in particular to companies that have a strong sense of social responsibility. For Sedus, this responsibility is a matter which is near to our hearts. Instead of Christmas presents for customers and business partners, Sedus has been donating to a good cause for many years. In the spirit of the two foundations (Stoll VITA Foundation and Karl Bröcker Foundation), the Balthasar Children's and Youth Hospice in Olpe, for example, has been supported in recent years, as it is largely dependent on donations for its work. Also in the future, selected projects as well as organisations will be supported at Christmas, thus contributing to value-based responsibility.

A moving experience: The Sedus RUN

Having a good time together, doing something for health together: The Sedus RUN company run has now become an event which brings an entire region to motion. In 2019 alone, around 400 participants laced up their running shoes and raced around the Sedus factory premises in Dogern. From the Kids RUN for the little ones to the 10-km run for the ambitious hobby athletes, everyone can find the right distance for their condition. Having fun is everything, because the Sedus RUN not only evaluates the running times, but also the most original runner's outfit, for example. A wide range of activities for young and old is also organised each year, so that the company run is an experience for all guests, year after year.


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