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Open-plan concepts, flexibility and new working styles characterise the office of the future. This development goes hand-in-hand a number of benefits: deep-rooted structures are being broken down, while communication and cooperation are promoted. Modern office space and daily routines are characterised by short distances, flexible meetings, and spontaneous exchange. Employees increasingly decide for themselves where and how they can best perform their tasks. Different work situations often alternate. Concentrated individual work can be followed by communicative activities, teamwork can be replaced by retreat or relaxation.

Sedus is adapting to these new working styles: With the addition of the room-in-room system se:cube max to the se:cube series and the upgrade of se:works, the German full-service supplier of office furnishings and workplace concepts is creating two modern office planning solutions that bring the design of open office spaces in line with the preferences of employees.

se:cube max – the flexible room-in-room system

Workshops, meetings, seminars: The office is increasingly becoming a place for teamwork. The sophisticated room-in-room system se:cube max complements the se:cube product family and offers spacious retreats for meetings, teamwork, and video conferences. The self-sufficient se:cube max can also be used as a single or double office in open-space landscapes. The base-free room-in-room system is not connected to the building structure and can, therefore, also be placed on surfaces with integrated under-floor heating. The door side is always fully glazed - one or two other sides can also be glazed to create a more open environment.

At least one wall is always designed as a closed technical wall. It is the core of the se:cube max and contains the ventilation unit as well as all necessary connections for the room's power supply. In addition, this wall can also be used to mount a monitor. The sound insulation of the cube is so good that the room-in-room system can be positioned in the middle of an office without neighbouring areas interfering with each other in terms of acoustics. Ceiling and wall absorbers are used specifically for this purpose.

se:cube max can be customised to suit any taste or requirement. The office cubes can be set up in brand colours, discreet colours or as an eye-catcher. The wide range of colour collections offers numerous possibilities. Furthermore, the upright wall panels of the closed walls of se:cube max can be configured with writable whiteboard surfaces both on the inside and outside. The panels can be easily exchanged at a later date without using any tools. On the technical wall, the middle panel can also be supplemented with a whiteboard. It is also possible to mount a screen, in addition to a whiteboard.

se:cube max is available in three sizes – size S (9m2) is 3 m x 3 m x 2.4 m and offers space for max. 4 persons, size M (12 m2) is 3 m x 4 m x 2.4 m or 4 m x 3 m x 2.4 m and offers space for max. 6 persons, and size L (16 m2) is 4 m x 4 m x 2.4 m and offers space for max. 8 persons.

se:works – the work sofa for cosy offices

In an office environment where space is limited and should be used efficiently, intelligent furnishing is fundamental. se:works embodies what Sedus calls “places of well-being for working”. Comfortable upholstered furniture is an important element in modern office planning. This is where colleagues come together for common breaks or informal meetings, and where exchanges and brainstorming feel even more at ease.

With its versatile configurations, se:works is a real all-rounder. Following a new upgrade, the work sofa is now even more flexible: The modular and linkable configurations allow for the utmost freedom of design and numerous options for integrated meeting areas in the open office space. The visual screening provided by additional privacy elements enhances the undisturbed nature of meetings and, at the same time, improves sound insulation. A privacy screen, which also functions as a raised backrest, is available to order in a different colour to the upholstery colour and thus serves as an additional design element for open office spaces.

Another feature of se:works is the option to attach a standing table to the back of the privacy screen. The worktop add-on can be used for spontaneous exchange or short coffee breaks. Those who prefer to hold smaller meetings while seated should opt for the upgraded diner. The additional table is configurable for 2, 4 or 6 people.

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