Sustainability Report

Only if we view sustainability holistically will we succeed in making improvements and continuing to act as a responsible company in the future. How do we want to proceed? Where will the future take us? We want to answer these questions in this sustainability report and openly demonstrate our objectives and challenges.

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The Sedus Approach

The knowledgeable and sensitive handling of the environment and resources has been part of the philosophy of our company for over 60 years. We aim to leave future generations an environment which is intact and which can sustain life. The holistic view of the company means that, for us, people are always placed at the heart of things. This starts with our own employees: they have been able to participate in the joint success of the company since 1952. Even if one should be careful when making statements about the future: under the auspices of sustainability, we are looking to the next decades with full conviction and optimism.

Whoever knows us will not be surprised: the path which we chose decades ago has made Sedus into one of the leading manufacturers in the European office furniture industry. Market trends show that, in the future, even more customers will look to see whether their office furniture is manufactured in line with environmental and social standards. We see this as an opportunity, not as a risk. The focus on high quality, durable, environmentally friendly products is as sustainable as our corporate culture. Because the products are manufactured in Germany, internal working conditions also comply with the highest standards.

Sustainability strategy 2025

“Ecology and economy are not contradictions, but indispensable parts of a whole.” These words of our long-time CEO, Christof Stoll, and appropriate, holistic action already characterise our business principles. In order to develop individual issues in a targeted way, we have been working on a supplementary sustainability strategy since 2018:


•   We know our supply chain and its effects.

•   We maintain transparency about our products and their effects on the environment.

•   Sedus stands for innovative and sustainable products.

•   We maintain a dialogue with our stakeholders and communicate important issues.

•   We have happy and healthy employees to whom we provide regular training.

•   We set ourselves ambitious but realistic sustainability objectives, orienting ourselves towards the UN Global Compact and reporting on this in a transparent way.

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