Excellent development: Sedus Stoll AG on course for further growth

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A look back at the 2022 financial year underlines the positive trend of Germany's largest office furniture manufacturer: With a turnover of approx. EUR 236 million, Sedus Stoll AG recorded growth of +21% compared to the previous year, which is significantly higher than the market growth of the industry (+8% compared to the previous year). The number of incoming orders is also at a record high of approx. EUR 240 million, providing a tailwind for the start of the new year.

"Sedus Stoll AG has a firm position and is, therefore, very well prepared for the future," explains Daniel Kittner, Director of Technology and Development as well as Marketing and Sales at Sedus Stoll AG. "Over the last few years, we have consistently invested in solutions for New Work and modern workplace concepts in a counter-cyclical manner, despite the pandemic and difficult general conditions. These strategic decisions are paying off today: Winning major projects in cooperation with specialist dealers both in Germany and abroad is a clear demonstration of this."

In addition to the targeted development of state-of-the-art product solutions for New Work, the company has also invested in digitalisation and smart solutions for hybrid working. Furthermore, Sedus has continuously promoted and advanced sustainable production methods.

Innovative strength and clear rollout phases set the course

With the decision to switch to two launch intervals per year - in spring and autumn - Sedus has set a clear direction since 2022: The two fixed dates create transparency and the ability to plan. Customers can thus look forward to the market launch of cutting-edge and innovative furnishing concepts and product solutions. Last year, in May and October, Sedus presented a wide range of new products for designing the working world of today and tomorrow: From mobile units for workshops, creative meetings and teamwork, acoustically efficient room-in-room solutions to innovative and ergonomic office swivel chairs, with a modular design principle that intelligently and automatically adapt to the user and are ideal for hybrid working and the implementation of multi-user workstations.

In the Sedus Digital business segment, the company expanded its digital smart working solutions to include tools for analysis and efficient use of space as well as room control. The intelligent linking of digital tools and space planning opens up new ways for facility managers to design spaces more efficiently while constantly optimising them for the benefit of employee satisfaction and economic use.

The investments made in recent years will be continued throughout 2023: With the goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2025, the topic of sustainability also remains a strong focus this year. At the core of the strategy are energy concepts that have already been partially implemented at the Dogern and Geseke production sites and the associated increase in the use of renewable energy on site. In particular, the conversion to photovoltaics and heat pumps. Sedus follows the "Sedus Green Code" in the development, manufacturing and marketing of its products. The individual stages of the process are part of a holistic approach with a well-planned environmental management system, which the company is constantly optimising and developing in a sustainable way. The use of recyclate and the systematic processing of recyclable materials are part of everyday life in product development.

Acting in an entrepreneurially economically responsible and sustainable manner is anchored in the genes of Sedus Stoll AG. The company is owned by the Stoll VITA Foundation and the Karl Bröcker Foundation. The two foundations, which are intended to uphold the entrepreneurial business independence of Sedus Stoll AG, pursue philanthropic aims. "Around two thirds of the profits go to charity through the work of the foundations," Kittner explains. "In addition to nature conservation, we also support public health projects as well as medical and therapeutic projects and facilities for children both in Germany and abroad. This meaningful commitment reflects our attitude and responsibility and is also noticeable in the products due to the high-quality standards."

Good future prospects: Targeted investments also secure positive forecast for 2023

The commissioning of the new "Futura 2" production facility at the Geseke site will provide a significant boost to production in the first half of 2023. "Futura 2" will complement the existing production line from 2012, which can be used to manufacture box furniture starting from batch size one and according to individual customer specifications. The automated panel cutting process will significantly reduce production cycle times and speed up manufacturing processes.

"The investment in the new production line is the largest single investment in the history of Sedus Stoll AG," explains Kittner. "Due to the consistent expansion of the product range, particularly over the last few years, the load on our production facilities has also increased. With the commissioning of 'Futura 2', we are creating more capacity to meet the demand faster."

In 2023, Sedus will continue to launch new products in two phases, in spring and autumn. In particular, the company will focus on solutions that are in line with mega-trends such as New Work, digitalisation and sustainability. "Our new products in 2023 will not only follow the trends, but actively shape them," says Kittner. "Our products meet the demand for cosy and ergonomic office furniture and, at the same time, also provide the answer to questions raised in the smart and hybrid working environment in which people can further develop and express their genius. Therefore, we are positively looking towards the year 2023".

For more information, see our online video: Sedus Stoll corporate video - we really care (EN) - YouTube

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