Further profitable growth: Sedus Stoll AG closes the 2023 financial year on a high

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With sales of approximately 259.0 million euros, Sedus Stoll AG recorded growth of +8.8% in 2023 compared to the previous year. This outstrips overall market growth in its sector of +0.6% year on year.  The order intake figures also hit a record level at approximately 247.4 million euros.

”Sedus Stoll AG continued to grow profitably last year,” explains Daniel Kittner, Speaker of the Board of Sedus Stoll AG. “As a result of our close working relationships with specialist dealers in Germany and abroad, we have won numerous major projects that will propel us through the rest of 2024. Despite challenging overall economic conditions, home offices, co-working and new workspaces continue to be very popular. This is apparent in every part of their design and fit-out across international markets. When implementing projects, we see more and more corporate cultures becoming increasingly agile and adaptable - and we are perfectly placed to respond to this.”

Sedustainable: a clear goal in mind

There are many facets to sustainability. For Sedus, all decisions are made based on three core principles. These form the three pillars of sustainability: people, planet and profit. This encapsulates how everything Sedus does should add value at a commercial, social and environmental level. “All decisions must take the “three Ps” into account,” says Kittner. “We ensure that our actions always have a positive impact in at least two of these ways, and at no time should we harm any of them.”

With the launch of the Sedustainable campaign in June 2024, Sedus is emphasising its ongoing focus on sustainable business development. By 2025, Sedus's administration and manufacturing sites (Scope 1 & 2) in Dogern and Geseke will be CO2-neutral. “We want to cut 30 percent of our direct emissions by the end of 2025 and by a further 20 percent before the end of 2030,” explains Daniel Kittner, CEO of Sedus Stoll AG. “We have set other milestones for Sedus in the build-up to 2025: Sedus will reduce emissions from its vehicle fleet by 20 percent and rethink the way we use energy to reduce the use of primary energy by around 60 percent. We plan to optimise packaging by an additional 15 percent. And around 80 percent of the wood we use for our furniture production will be sourced from sustainable forestry by 2025.”

Looking ahead: second wave of launches at Orgatec 2024

Sedus will continue to launch new products in two phases during 2024. Under the strapline “Design to Connect”, the office furniture manufacturer will launch a large number of new products at Orgatec later this year.

“In Cologne, we will present the office as a shared space where people meet, exchange ideas, collaborate and socialise,” explains Kittner. ‘Inspired by third places such as restaurants, cafés, libraries and parks, the structures of the city are finding their way into the office and inspiring the creation of spaces that entice people. The trade fair offers us a platform to present the landscape of work as a dynamic ecosystem – an idea that is increasingly relevant in these times of change. With a stand of over 1.050 square metres, we are creating a space in which visitors can not only see innovation, but experience it too. We look forward to sparking their curiosity and engaging in dialogue about the future of work in inspiring and professional surroundings.”


The number of employees in the Sedus Stoll Group increased by 10.2% compared to the previous year. On average over the first quarter of 2024, 1,078 employees (excluding Board members, directors and trainees) worked for the Group, compared to 978 the previous year.



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