“Workscape of Tomorrow”: German Design Award for a new knowledge platform NEW WORK

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What awaits us in the future? How can we shape the Future of Work? Whenever there are new trends, new insights are gained or new ideas are born, Sedus is always in tune with the times. Only those who are always up to date can make future-proof decisions about the working world of tomorrow – which is why Sedus wants to share this knowledge. With the new “Workscape of Tomorrow” platform, the German office furniture manufacturer has launched a knowledge database that brings together the results of years of research into the working landscape.

“The new 'Workscape of Tomorrow' platform offers a pool of information from which architects, facility managers, workspace experts and journalists alike can benefit,” explains Ernst Holzapfel, Head of Marketing at Sedus Stoll AG. “The focus lies in discovering new trends and developments in the world of work and sharing knowledge. Professionals can gain valuable insights using the platform, and navigate through extensive content independently in an intuitive way.”

Exploring the Workscape of Tomorrow

With the INSIGHTS trend monitor, Sedus has been providing a medium for several years that offers expert insights into current developments in society, the world of work and the office landscape. The emphasis is primarily placed on data and facts, expert talks, case studies as well as solutions and tips. With “Workscape of Tomorrow”, it is now possible to simply filter this content by topic, media type and presentation form and to easily put important trends and keywords into context.

The overview shows a trend map that users can rotate and move about interactively, making the links between relevant topics clear. For example, the term “hybrid working” can be linked to the topics of home office, collaboration and community. By clicking on the desired topic field, users can then access the related content from Sedus INSIGHTS.

Winner of the German Design Award

With “Workscape of Tomorrow”, the entire world of Sedus INSIGHTS is presented in trend-specific categories and is digitally available. The intelligent and intuitive design has been developed in collaboration with Schema Design from Seattle. With just a few clicks, users can navigate through the visualised trend map and search for keywords. If someone would like more information on a particular topic, they can subscribe to the trend magazine INSIGHTS free of charge.

At the German Design Award 2023 award ceremony, the “Workscape of Tomorrow” platform received the “Special Mention” award in the “Excellent Communications Design Web” category. “We are particularly pleased that the jury has honoured the platform with a German Design Award before the official launch,” says Holzapfel. “With the platform, Sedus provides professionals with a tool that supports their work. An insight into current trends should inspire and provide orientation and a new perspective on the workscape of today and tomorrow."

The platform is available in German and English, registration is free – for experts, planners, professionals and anyone else who might be interested. For more information on the new Sedus platform, visit https://workscapeoftomorrow.com/

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