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Redefining the dimension of wellbeing in the workplace


How can the design of the office environment help and support people to stay active and be healthy at work?



Movement and activity are prerequisites of staying healthy.
Several studies confirm that an active attitude during the working hours of the day lead to better health conditions.
Some results even show that exercising after work does not compensate for the negative effects of a prolonged time of sedentary behavior.

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1. Quantity – avoid a sedentary attitude:

Try to avoid prolonged periods of sitting. A survey carried out by Sedus with over 1000 white-collar workers in Germany in 2013 shows that the average office workers sits for in the office more than 6 hours a day. More movement makes people feel better and is good for their health.

2. Quality – be active, sit properly:

When sitting for longer periods – choose a good ergonomic chair that encourages micro movements of the pelvis hence allowing the nutrition of the back spine – The Sedus swing up swivel chair has been developed together with ergonomic experts for the Technical University of Munich especially for this purpose.

3. Stand up at work:

Stay active at the office. By using height-adjustable desks, such as the Sedus temptation ci or attention electric height-adjustable desk, it is easy to change posture while working, reducing time in the seated position and standing more.

4. Stand up during meetings:

Standing up during meetings and conferences might sometimes seem impossible. On the one hand, due to the culture in companies and on the other hand because no appropriate solutions are provided. The attention height-adjustable conference desk is the answer. People can hold their meetings either sitting or standing.

5. Use a flexible office design – change posture:

New smart working concepts take the different aspects related to communication, collaboration and concentration needs into account and provide different areas for people to choose how to work according to their own specific work activities and tasks. The concept of combining benches with high desks allows people to change their posture and work, meet and collaborate either sitting or standing. The results are a more active attitude, increased blood circulation and better brain activity, which lead to more healthiness and effectiveness at work.

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