Extensive collaboration

Issue #14, 02/2021


Why the office is still the best solution for team-centric activities

In the era of the diffuse office, the pandemic represents the opportunity to rethink office spaces around team-centric activities, leveraging on those interactions and working modalities that are performed at their best when face to face.



  • Facts and figures
  • The expert's talk: „Working to the full potential of collaboration“ Jennifer Magnolfi Astill an designer, architect and researcher, founder of Programmable Habitats, a consulting R&D practice specialising in the strategic development of high-tech future work environments in New York.
  • Current trends
  • Case study: Okta Office San Francisco, United States
  • Solutions – Tips to treasure: COVID-19 has dramatically accelerated the revolution of work and, in the post-pandemic, it will be increasingly hybrid and widespread. Offices in the new work process will become increasingly focused and important for teamwork and socialisation.


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