Workplace blend

Issue #18, 01/2024


How to redesign the office to be the best place for hybrid work

When we have the ability to work anywhere, the sole purpose of going to the office cannot be to just work. This is why offices are transforming. In constant competition with the new workspaces offered to hybrid workers, they are changing the very way we experience towns and cities.



  • Facts and figures
  • The expert's talk: „The impact of hybrid work on real estate“ an interview with Alberto Cominelli, the Head of Project Management and Building Consultancy Italy at CBRE.
  • Current trends
  • Case study:  CBRE Henrietta House, London
  • Solutions – Tips to treasure: To meet the new demands placed on it, the office must evolve, hybridising itself with other spaces such as homes, hotels, bars and public areas. It must also centre people's wellbeing.


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