Made for the home office: classy, ergonomic furniture from Sedus blends harmoniously into any home

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The more often we work from home, the higher the demands are on our own home office. After all, it really shouldn't just serve a functional purpose; the working environment in our own home should also be a place of well-being. This means sufficient space, harmonious design and ergonomic furniture that promotes concentration and productivity.

"When we choose a desk or an office chair for our home, the piece of furniture not only has to meet the highest ergonomic standards, but also needs to fit in with our interior design style," explains Michael Kläsener, Ergonomics Expert at Sedus. " It is important to our customers that their office furniture fits stylishly into their own homes and creates a harmonious ensemble with their own furniture."

Working and living in harmony

The motorised height-adjustable se:desk home sitting and standing desk is an ideal example of how ergonomics and comfort can be combined. It conveniently grows with its tasks, supports changes in posture during the working day and blends harmoniously into one's own home. With a work surface of 70 x 120 cm, it also fits into small rooms or niches and still offers enough space for larger technical equipment. The desk is complemented by an integrated shelf that provides users with an additional, second level, while the rounded desktop and the privacy screen made of PET felt enhance the homely character.

se:air is an office swivel chair that not only takes into account the preferences of design aficionados, but also features an automatic adjustment system. The name itself suggests what kind of sitting experience the user can expect: A great deal of freedom of movement, ergonomic sitting and full, breathable comfort. The new office chair from Sedus combines a timeless design language with the most significant, ergonomic aspects. The patented "Kinetic Swing" mechanism automatically detects the user's weight the need to adjust anything themselves. The seat height and the multifunctional armrests can be manually adjusted for this purpose. The se:air principle is simple: Just sit down and get started.

Space saver for every occasion

The secretair home desk is the right choice for anyone who is looking for a workstation that fits into even the smallest of niches. The desk for the home office can easily be assembled in just a few steps. Its compact dimensions and a storage space for utensils make this model a real all-rounder. It offers enough space to store documents and always have them within easy reach. At the same time, the desk doesn’t take up much space in a room or corridor.

If you are looking for a chair with even more feel-good factor to go with the secretair home, the on spot cosy compact club chair is a great choice. After all, the name delivers on its promise: “cosy” stands for comfortable sitting – even over a longer period of time. As a fully upholstered shell chair, on spot cosy provides a comfortable seating experience combined with ergonomic features. These include the seat pan, the sloping front edge as well as the high backrest and integrated lumbar support for the lower back. The open design of the seat shell allows generous freedom of movement to the left and right. This makes it easy to lean back and relax and promotes an upright sitting posture.

The on spot cosy model is not just comfortable: The club chair can also be completely customised to meet the user's individual needs. There are almost endless possibilities for it to be configured. In addition to the outer and inner shell, the seat upholstery can also be selected as desired; the solid wood and metal feet are also available in various designs.

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