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Solutions for agile working

Ideas are free 

Different structures, different requirements, new work concepts: Modern offices are increasingly being transformed into open spaces and are characterised by communicative in-between zones, decentralised work areas and different types of rooms. There is a need for more  flexibility in order to give free rein to thoughts and ideas. For productive and creative work  in agile teams – exactly what se:lab optimally supports.


The name already reveals that the approach to tasks was inspired by laboratory work. se:lab works in the same way as analysing, researching and problem-solving takes place in a lab. Whether for workshops where flexible furniture is required or for spontaneous meetings that benefit from the use of mobile equipment, se:lab offers plenty of possibilities and is always ready for use.


Typical use scenarios

Typical use scenarios for se:lab are: Agile working, Smart working and Multifunctional rooms.

Agile working 

Being flexible, agile and spontaneously productive in freely configurable work areas.
Typical applications:
Project organisation with Scrum 
Kanban management method 
Solving problems with  Design Thinking

Smart working

Changing between fixed and flexible workplaces with predefined or free structures.

Typical applications:
Open-plan offices and open spaces 
Lounges and creative areas 
 Bench and desk sharing

Multifunctional rooms

Use free space as it is needed –  without compromise.

Typical applications:
Seminar rooms
Meeting rooms
Rooms for  training courses

System overview

se:lab comprises a variety of products which can be individually combined and adapted to changing  requirements. The portfolio includes various desks and workshop elements as well as seating furniture for interactive and collaborative work.


Conference desks

Workshop tools

Single and team desks



Conference desks


Single and  team desks

Design features

The se:lab products follow a modern, harmonious design language with high recognition value.  All components can be individually combined and allow great freedom of design. Thanks to their lightweight design, castors and other details, they can be operated intuitively and wherever needed. 

Planning examples

Colourful and individual 

Frames in classic black or fashionable fjord green, surfaces in clear white or oak: Various colours and combinations are available for the se:lab products, which can be put together according to taste and use area.
Whether Smart Balance, Soft Being, Urban Living or Multi Creation – the se:lab products can be modified to suit any of these colour schemes.


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