Show your colours: With “The Limbic Office”, Sedus embarks on a voyage of discovery of the "brand" personality

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Is it possible to express both your own and the brand personality in the design of the working environment through colours? Can a clever choice of colour concepts create an environment that evokes positive emotions? And can the use of colour combinations, shades and contrasts create a feel-good atmosphere that motivates employees and promotes creativity? The answer is yes! Inspired by the findings of in-depth psychology and the limbic model of Dr. Hans-Georg Häusel, Sedus has developed a new methodology that enables both companies and individuals to design their office or home office entirely according to their personal needs.

“With this new approach, 'The Limbic Office', we are taking the possibilities of office design and the home office a step further,” explains Ernst Holzapfel, Head of Marketing at Sedus Stoll AG. “When developing this new methodology, we started with the question of how to express one's own or the brand's personality without using classic corporate identity colours. In collaboration with the colour and trend agency zukunftStil, we have used Dr. Hans-Georg Häusel's limbic model as our inspiration. The archetypes serve as a guideline and can easily be aligned with a brand positioning and personality types. A total of 12 archetypes are assigned to three main groups: The balance type, the dominant type and the stimulus type. These three emotion systems address different characteristics, desires and values. Each type has its own unique character, individual priorities and is defined by its own way of thinking and acting. This model is the basis of 'The Limbic Office'.”

Working effectively in ”The Limbic Office”

The interplay between people and space, the emotional effect of colours, shapes and surfaces form the basis for a pleasant and supportive working environment. In this setting, a conscious approach to the topics of colour and material and their emotional effects can promote the creativity of employees and produce a positive working environment.

“Colour transports emotions and creates spaces with personality,” explain Livia Baum and Jutta Werner, colour designers and owners of the colour and trend agency zukunftStil. "When creating concepts for companies, the focus lies on their identity, values and visions. The designs in the home office area tend to be more about the human factor; feeling good and individuality play a decisive role in this area.”

On the basis of the three limbic types, Balance, Dominance and Stimulance, every person or every company can use targeted questions to assess themselves and assign themselves to a limbic group. By completing the questionnaire, it is possible to identify characteristics, values, preferences and qualities with which one's own, but also the brand’s identity, can be defined and filled with content. In the second step, the results of the test can be transferred into a creative coding. The evaluation results in an allocation to one of the three limbic types and offers practical design examples and inspiration. Each design suggestion has many aspects and offers room for individual interpretation.

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