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Different structures, different needs, new working concepts. Modern offices are increasingly transforming into Open Spaces and are characterised by communication zones in between, decentralised work areas and various space concepts. More flexibility is needed to give free rein to thoughts and ideas. Sedus has developed the se:lab product family for productive and creative work in agile teams. 

As the name suggests, the approach is conceptually based on the laboratory. The same way that facts are analysed, circumstances are researched and solutions are derived, that is also how se:lab works. se:lab consists of various products that allow for individual configuration as well as adaptation to changing circumstances. The portfolio includes different desks and workshop elements, including seating furniture, in order to be able to work interactively and collaboratively. As part of the second rollout, Sedus is now adding two new pieces of furniture to the product family.

"With the expansion of the se:lab product family with the height-adjustable teamwork table se:lab meet & stand and the se:lab sofa single, we are creating even more flexibility and possibilities for creative collaboration in the office," explains Ernst Holzapfel, Head of Marketing at Sedus Stoll AG. "All se:lab products follow a modern, harmonious design style with recognition value. This means that all components can be put together individually and allow freedom of arrangement. With the lightweight construction, the castors and other details, their operation is intuitive and independent of location. That's what makes the se:lab product family so unique."

se:lab meet & stand – the height-adjustable team desk

Comfortably alternate between sitting and standing – even during a meeting. The large se:lab meet & stand makes it possible due to its motorised height adjustment. Depending on the room size and design, the desktop is available in a square or rectangular shape and also with rounded corners.

"We are seeing that more and more managers and project leaders want to work closely together with their teams," says Holzapfel. "Space for brief, efficient work for larger groups, while sitting or standing, is in demand. For managers, the se:lab meet & stand serves as a large height-adjustable individual workstation, yet it can also be used as a space for team projects."

The table is available in sizes 1600 - 2400mm with an electric height adjustment of 650-1250mm. Depending on the size, up to ten people can work at it simultaneously.

se:lab sofa single – mobile and adaptable single-seater

Easy to move and flexible, se:lab sofas present themselves as the ideal partners for agile workshop situations and spontaneous interaction. The comfortable seating furniture with its generous upholstery allows the user to adopt a variety of postures – sitting upright as well as leaning back in a relaxed manner. Exceptionally soft and comfortable, the sofa creates an informal atmosphere in any space.

As part of the second rollout phase under the motto, "The Personal Touch", Sedus is adding a single-seater to the two-seater collection. With its size of 880 x 980 x 725 mm, the desk is the ideal companion for spontaneous meetings in a relaxed atmosphere.

Both new models from the se:lab product family will be presented to the public for the first time at Orgatec from October 25 to 29, 2022. The spacious Sedus booth is in Hall 8.1, C048, E049, C050, E051.

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