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Smart Working is not just a trend, but a real competitive advantage. Where fixed workplaces and rigid structures used to dominate office landscapes, more and more companies are now benefiting from the advantages of the smart working concept. The new flexibility and independence of employees inspires the working process and, at the same time, reduces the pressure on colleagues. However, smart working does not only apply to working in a home office. Smart Working aims to create better and more individual forms of work in the future and thus to sustainably increase the satisfaction of employees – particularly in the office. Use of modern technology in the office leads to the optimisation of workspaces and improves team collaboration in the long term. This provides efficiency and promotes the well-being of every employee.

"Smart Working is not just another trendy term for us," explains Michael Fehsenfeld, Head of Competence Centre Markets at Sedus Stoll AG. “In cooperation with our partner Cisco, we are working hard to further expand the interplay of room-furniture technology. At Orgatec, we will show different scenarios of how companies can best support employees in their work, whether they are physically or virtually present. Thus, we are sending an important signal to the industry."

Christian Voigt, Collaboration Specialist Sales at Cisco System adds: "Cisco offers a comprehensive platform for modern, hybrid working environments with its wide collaboration portfolio for companies. The Sedus stand offers a unique opportunity to experience the symbiosis of space design, furniture and Cisco communication technology and to discuss various New Work concepts with experts from the user's and provider's point of view. That is what we are looking forward to".

The new networking solutions, which will be presented in Cologne for the first time, are intended to support the path to a "barrier-free" workplace experience. Two product solutions that Sedus will be Orgatec are perfect examples: se:connects and se:hub.

se:connects – management system for Smart Working

More flexible, more productive, more efficient: With se:connects, Sedus has launched an intelligent solution for using and managing workstations in smart working environments. The free choice of workplace – depending on tasks and preferences – fundamentally changes the way we work. And thus, contributes significantly to greater efficiency and job satisfaction.

The entire office floor plan with all workplaces is stored in the se:connects app. It displays every occupancy and booking so that the user can immediately see which places are occupied (yellow) or booked (red) and which are available (green). At a glance, you can also see where each colleague is sitting – giving the term "team building" a whole new meaning. With just a few clicks, you can quickly find the right place for concentrated work, creative exchange or close collaboration. 

However, the se:connects tool does not only offer advantages for employees. Businesses also benefit from the concept. With the intelligent Smart Working solution, you can use spaces more efficiently. Facility managers can immediately identify and respond to less frequented office space – either by reassigning it or by selectively reducing the operating costs.

se:hub – smarter storage space for digital workflows

Growing flexibility at the workplace is increasingly changing the way we work. This makes it all the more important to make central services, such as post, document and fleet management easily and safely accessible at all times, independent of any particular employee's availability.

This is where se:hub comes into play. The smart storage space with lockers helps to hand over documents in compliance with data protection regulations and between departments, to return faulty IT equipment and to contactlessly distribute new goods. Laptops and work documents can also be safely locked overnight. Vehicle keys and documents can be made available independent of working hours.

Using the app, you can book electronic lockers from anywhere. You can share all bookings with colleagues or external guests and service providers. They will receive an individual information text via email as well as a QR code to open the locker.

The cooperation with Cisco and the se:connects and se:hub products will be presented at Orgatec from October 25 to 29, 2022. The Sedus booth is in Hall 8.1, C048, E049, C050, E051. In addition, you will find Smart Working solutions from Sedus in the special exhibition area "Inspired Hybrid Office" in Hall 8.

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