Continuing on the road to success: Sedus Stoll Group closes 2022 financial year with record turnover

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With sales of EUR 238.1 million, the Sedus Stoll Group was able to record sales gains of 21.5 % in the 2022 financial year. Abroad, the group of companies achieved revenues of around EUR 109.4 million and consolidated its position as an international player with an increase of 23.5 %.

"Despite the pandemic and other difficult conditions, the Sedus Stoll Group has continued to invest anti-cyclically in solutions for New Work and modern, flexible workplaces," explains Daniel Kittner, Board Member for Sales and Technology at Sedus Stoll AG. "In addition to developing timely product solutions, we consistently invested in the digitalisation of smart, cloud-based solutions for hybrid working. In addition to this, the goal of consistently sustainable production processes was continuously pursued and implemented. All these strategic decisions clearly paid off in the 2022 financial year. While the office furniture industry posted 8% growth compared to the previous year, the Sedus Stoll Group achieved an historic record turnover."

Incoming orders of around EUR 248 million were also at a record level, thus guaranteeing a solid basis for the start of the current 2023 financial year. This success is partly due to the numerous major projects that were won in cooperation with specialist dealers at home and abroad.

"The Detox Office": a caring ecosystem for the workplace

The first wave of launches in 2023 in May was themed "The Detox Office: a caring ecosystem for the workplace". With these product launches, Sedus showed that the new ecosystem of the working landscape goes beyond the traditional idea of an office and can be seen as a dynamic complex of communities and activity zones. With all its new products, the company responded to the need to organise hybrid work and promote the conscious use of digital tools so that the office offers a more balanced approach to work and becomes a place where people feel comfortable.

With the se:lab mobile planter, Sedus presented a plant wall that serves as an agile design element. The product can be used to flexibly create green retreats that and can also be used for writing, working and brainstorming with functions such as a pin board or a noticeboard. With se:dot, Germany's largest office furniture manufacturer launched a product that is characterised by its organic, natural and homely design. The universal stools can be used flexibly and create a pleasant atmosphere in the office. With the colours sage green, ruby red and midnight blue, Sedus added three nature-related shades to the monochrome colour concept of the se:air swivel chair. The company also presented additional extensions for the modular shelving system se:matrix - the High Desk and the Planter Box.

"Into the Jungle": Sedus makes a strong statement with showroom motto at Clerkenwell Design Week

For the seventh year running, Sedus UK opened its showroom in London for the Clerkenwell Design Week design festival. The motto "Into the Jungle" picked up on an important development that has led to profound changes in office design as a result of the events of recent years and the resulting impact on work. Visiting the "Limited Edition Showroom" in the Clerkenwell Design District, visitors were able to experience on site how Sedus is implementing the desire of many employees for a more balanced working model and greater health and well-being. "For Sedus, this year's Clerkenwell Design Week was more of a show than a showroom," explains Kittner. "With the unique wall coverings, a completely new showroom concept and top-class speakers, the London showroom became a crowd puller, even surpassing the attendance record from 2022."

Grand opening: Sedus celebrates new showroom in Eschborn

On 15 June, the time had arrived: the new showroom in Eschborn was officially opened at a grand opening ceremony with customers and partners. Sedus presented its hybrid work concept in an urban loft setting on an area of around 580 sqm. A board room, workshop areas, touch-down workstations, office cube solutions, ideas for home offices, classic coworking areas and a work café merge in a stylish setting with state-of-the-art IT and software solutions to offer visitors a 360-degree office experience.

"The space in Eschborn was a team decision," explains Kittner. "We deliberately decided against a property in Frankfurt city centre. It is important to us that our customers and partners can arrive at our premises relaxed without the stress of looking for a parking space and the hustle and bustle of the city centre. The new, urban showroom concept presents the hybrid work of today and tomorrow in a green environment, which invites you to come down, feel comfortable and relax. And we are proud of that."

Commissioning of "Futura 2": opening of new production facility planned for summer 2023

The commissioning of the new "Futura 2" plant at the Geseke site in summer 2023 will provide a significant production boost. "Futura 2" complements the existing production line from 2012; box furniture can be produced from batch size 1 and according to individual customer requirements. The automated panel cutting process reduces throughput times and significantly speeds up production processes.

"The investment in the new production line is the largest single investment in the history of Sedus Stoll AG," explains Kittner. "Due to the consistent expansion of our product range, especially in recent years, the utilisation of our production facilities has also grown. By commissioning 'Futura 2', we are building up further capacity to meet the strong demand more quickly."


The number of employees in the Sedus Stoll Group increased by 5.6 % compared to the previous year. The average number of employees for the quarter was 978 (excluding board members, managing directors and trainees) compared to 926 in the previous year.

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