se:flair - a swivel chair for the office and home

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The office is more diverse than ever before: in the ever-changing hybrid world of work, innovative approaches and solutions are required that fulfil the current requirements, needs and wishes of the workplace. Sedus is meeting these challenges with its latest product, the se:flair swivel chair. This versatile chair impresses both functionally and visually, suited for various environments - from the office workstation to the conference room to the home office.

"The se:flair swivel chair is a masterful fusion of ergonomic comfort and elegant shell chair aesthetics that seamlessly combine comfort and style," explains Ernst Holzapfel, Head of Marketing at Sedus Stoll AG. "The chair's elegant knitted membrane and organic design offer an exceptional seating experience that promotes well-being and productivity through a relaxed ambience. Carefully selected materials and colour accents underline this atmosphere.“

se:flair - adapts to the body and the environment

The office is more diverse than ever before: touch-down workstations, workshop areas, lounge areas, conference rooms and much more characterise the available space. Added to this are concepts such as hybrid working and the home office, which have conquered the world of work. Compact, cosy and with that certain something, se:flair is compatible with a wide variety of work settings.

The high-quality knitted membrane for the back adapts perfectly to the body and supports individual movements and sitting positions. It is breathable and air-permeable, preventing heat build-up on the back and on pressure points. The patented “Kinetic Swing” mechanism, the opening angle and the integrated lumbar support complete this feel-good chair.

Another special feature of se:flair are the armrests, which are already integrated into the backrest frame under the knitted membrane. This creates the look of a cosy shell chair. The height adjustment lever is located under the side of the seat and is easy to operate.

If a monochrome design is desired, the seat upholstery can be selected with a membrane cover identical to the backrest. The back and seat upholstery can also be configured differently for a twotone look. se:flair is available with a 5-star plastic base with castors, a 4-star aluminium base with glides or a four-legged wooden frame.

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