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Regardless of how and where work is done – our working environments, tasks and needs are quite different. Everyone has different requirements for a workplace and the demands placed on a suitable office swivel chair are as varied as the users themselves. So wouldn't it be practical to have a swivel chair that could satisfy everyone's needs?

The new se:kit from Sedus takes a special approach, as it follows a modular concept and focuses on comfort. The user decides on the configuration of the swivel chair and which components they would like to have – freely, based on the motto "less is more" or, sometimes, "more is more". 

se:kit – the modular chair

What kind of user would the swivel chair be suitable for? And in what area of work will it be used? Are you looking for a chair that requires little or no adjustment at all, or a chair that can be adjusted individually? Due to its modular concept, se:kit offers a greater variety of configuration options. From the neck support to the castors, from the membrane colour or the full upholstery to the mechanism – nearly all components can be individually selected and put together to create the swivel chair of your dreams. 

"se:kit is an office swivel chair with a modular design that excels in function, ergonomics and aesthetics", explains Ernst Holzapfel, Head of Marketing at Sedus Stoll AG. “Due to the mix-and-match character as well as the wide variety of choices, se:kit can be individually configured – so that everyone can have their personal version”.

Despite the high degree of customisation, all options have one thing in common: They combine well thought-out functions with the highest standards of ergonomics. The flexible element, which is integrated in the backrest, provides mobility for the back, allowing it to follow the user and provide support with their every movement. With a recycled content of up to 60%, se:kit also stands out in terms of sustainability and guarantees high recyclability by separating the materials by type.

se:kit – many individual elements together become a whole

The overall effect of comfortable seating is made up of several parts: In addition to the clever backrest concept, full upholstery or a membrane as well as seat cushions provide the best comfort. Complemented by an intelligent mechanism and various extras, the sitting experience is now made perfect.
se:kit is very easy to assemble due to its modular elements. Almost all of them can be connected without the need for any tools.

1. The mechanism: All good things come in threes – "Kinetic Swing" mechanism, "Similar" mechanism with weight adjustment or "Similar" mechanism with individual weight adjustment.
2. The seat: How comfortable should it be? Will the standard seat with the 55 mm be enough or do I want the comfort version with the 65 mm?
3. The backrest: If you have a choice, you can choose freely – membrane or full upholstery are each available in three versions with a backrest height between 63 cm and 73 cm.
4. The armrests: The height-adjustable armrests are available in five different designs or, alternatively, users can opt not to have them at all.
5. The base: 5-star base, 4-star base (conference) or 5-star base counter – everything is possible. In addition, the user can opt for the gas spring version. The robust seat height adjustment is virtually wear-free, even when used by a variety of users. In its lowest position, it ensures a soft, back-friendly cushioning when sitting down.
6. The accessories: The height-adjustable, swivelling neck support offers relief for the head and neck. The coat hanger on the back of the swivel chair provides a sense of order.

The new model will be presented to the public for the first time at Orgatec from October 25 to 29, 2022. The Sedus booth is in Hall 8.1, C048, E049, C050, E051.


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