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What do we value in an "office sofa"? Is it the cosy look and the comfort it provides? Or simply the change it offers to the classic combination of swivel chair with desk? The answers to these questions are as individual as the appearance and use of the upholstered furniture. Above all, however, an office sofa conveys a special message: It brings the comfort and sense of well-being that we normally associate with the home, into the workplace.

Everyday office life with its daily to-dos and meetings requires good planning, communication, and our full attention. It becomes more relaxed when there is a pleasant and productive atmosphere. The new se:living sofa system and matching tables do just that: they ensure lightness and creativity and bring a cosy atmosphere to the working environment.

"The se:living sofa system consists of elements that are all suitable for the modern office environment," explains Robin Rizzini, designer of the se:living sofa range. "The added value of se:living lies in the introduction of double-depth seating for a more informal way of meeting and sitting, asymmetrical armchairs or angled modules for more intimate conversations. As this is the first sofa seating system for Sedus and the company is known for its technical heritage, I thought it was a good idea to create a balance between a well-proportioned and comfortable product on the one hand and to include 'active' elements on the other, such as tables that can be linked together in different ways."

se:living - a new era of comfortable working in the office

"A few years ago, a 'revolution' began to emerge in the working environment," explains Rizzini. "Planners, architects and designers were questioning the way people worked and how they spent their time in the office. They questioned whether it was necessary to be so dependent on the desk. Covid has dramatically accelerated this process and at the same time brought other seminal issues to the fore. The answer is that you don't need a desk for some activities. Informal discussions or even really long meetings can be held on the sofa. Conference calls, job interviews, concentrated work, presentations in small groups and other light activities can also take place on the sofa. All these activities can be carried out on soft seating, in the company cafeteria or in a special lounge area. These spaces and this way of working encourage interaction rather than isolation and are more people-centred and less intrusive."

The new se:living sofa system combines the comfort and aesthetics of a living room sofa with the functionality expected in modern working environments. Thanks to its modular design, se:living can be configured to suit every need and requirement. Whether as a single sofa, in a corner or as an island configuration, the possibilities are endless. The USB socket for power is integrated into the base, allowing for convenient charging at any time.

se:living - clever power supply in the blink of an eye

Wherever people work in the office, laptops, tablets and mobile phones are usually not far away. Having power sockets and USB ports within short distances is essential. se:living provides all of this: Discreetly concealed in the plinth or in the floor-to-ceiling storage and corner elements, the sofa offers space for cables, thereby ensuring quick access to power supply. In the video conferencing work setting, the diagonal arrangement of the sofa elements ensures that meeting participants have a good view of each other and can see the content being presented at the same time. This creates a feeling of togetherness and equality in hybrid meetings.

se:living - versatile companions for an even more cosy atmosphere

Sofas and tables are inseparable. The tables in the se:living sofa programme offer practical surfaces right next to the seats, facilitating a flexible exchange of ideas or a casual coffee together. Whether add-on or side table, storage or corner element, these versatile companions offer plenty of space for all our technology. Many of the elements connected to the sofa can also be electrified as an option, providing even more accessibility.

The complete interview with Robin Rizzini, designer of the se:living sofa range, can be found in the first issue of the LOOKBOOK.

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