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New Work and numerous digital and mobile tools bring a lot of advantages. Employees can move around more independently and choose their place of work flexibly. Whether in a shared office or at home, in a coworking space or in the cafeteria, there are many different options.

However, one thing always remains the same: the desire for a workplace that is also a place of well-being. Wherever working environments are transformed into feel-good areas, se:lounge light comes into play. The new shell chair from Sedus combines design with comfort, radiates cosiness and creates a pleasant atmosphere from the very first moment.

"With its flowing lines and organic shape, se:lounge light conveys harmony and lightness," says Ernst Holzapfel, Head of Marketing at Sedus Stoll AG. "The new shell chair from Sedus not only impresses with its comfort and elegance, but also sets new standards in terms of sustainability. Made from 100% recyclable PET felt, which is partly obtained from shredded PET bottles, it epitomises environmentally conscious product development.”

se:lounge light - elegance meets comfort

Whether for lounge areas or meeting spaces, se:lounge light's two seat heights offer versatile comfort for informal gatherings or relaxation. The models with a low seat height are ideal for lounge and reception areas. Relaxing is easy and moments of waiting become a welcome break.

The table-height models are ideal for informal meeting areas or cosy team workstations. This means that discussions can take place at eye level. In the model with the aluminium base, the chair can also swivel which offers even more flexibility. se:lounge light also impresses with its ergonomic properties. The PET felt seat shell is made from a single piece and has an integrated lumbar support.

The seat cushion has a comfortable hollow and a sloping front edge. In addition, the armrest wings form the side edge and allow you to rest your arms comfortably. An optional backrest cushion can be selected to provide additional comfort. The seat angle also ensures an all-round pleasant sitting experience: the angle is 12° at lounge height and 6° or 8.5° for the table-height version (depending on the base frame)

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