Recommended cleaning agents and disinfectants

It is now known that the novel coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 can remain active on surfaces for a certain period of time. If we touch contaminated objects, we can pick up the virus. And if we then touch our face with our contaminated hands, we risk an infection.

Surfaces can be cleaned and rendered virus-free using normal, regularly replaced cloths and cleaning agents. However, if you want to use a disinfectant after all, it is best to use a paper towel for applying it or wiping it off.

In the following we would like to give you an overview of suitable cleaning agents and disinfectants. Please note that these are only recommended cleaning agents and disinfectants. The recommendations are based on the information and experience passed on by the suppliers and manufacturers.

Melamine surfaces

In general, melamine-resin-coated, wood-based materials are highly resistant to the effects of stain-forming substances. It is, however, recommended to test the disinfectant on an inconspicuous area of the melamine surface before using it on the entire surface. This test will ensure that the durability of the material is not impaired.

Veneered surfaces

The real-wood surfaces are veneered with high-quality veneers. In general, the veneers are completely sealed by the high-quality and highly resistant two-component polyurethane lacquer.

In the case of coarse-pored veneers, disinfectants (and cleaning agents) should be carefully dosed.

Our lacquer supplier has tested the behaviour under chemical stress according to DIN 68861-1:2011-01 in connection with DIN EN 12720. Exposing the surface to the disinfectant for 2 or 10 minutes will not lead to changes in the surface.


According to the manufacturer, all Gabriel polyester fabrics can be cleaned, washed and easily disinfected. Gabriel polyester fabrics can be disinfected with ethanol to effectively destroy viruses and bacteria.

The Gabriel fabric groups include:
•    Atlantic
•    Atlantic Screen
•    Twist/Twist Melange
•    Xpress
•    Step/Step Melange

The aforementioned does not apply to the wool fabrics Gaja and Fame.

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