The Detox Office a mindful ecosystem for the workplace

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The events of recent years and the resulting considerations about work are leading to major changes in the workplace. Employees are now increasingly seeking a more balanced work model, and companies are becoming more aware of the importance of employee health and well-being, partly in response to new expectations. In order to meet these new requirements, organise hybrid work and promote a conscious use of digital tools, the office has to offer a balanced approach to work and become a place where people go not only because they work well there, but, above all, because they feel good there.

“The motto of our next launch event is 'The Detox Office: a mindful ecosystem for the workplace',” explains Ernst Holzapfel, Head of Marketing at Sedus Stoll AG. “The new ecosystem of the working environment goes beyond the traditional idea of an office and can be perceived as a dynamic complex of communities and activity zones. Areas blend together to form a single unit where different types of work coexist, creating a biotope environment that offers people a variety of workspaces and promotes more movement and variety. Biophilic design and the use of plants play a crucial role in finding balance and counteracting digital exhaustion.”

The new products at a glance

The May launch is devoted to the topic “The Detox Office: a mindful ecosystem for the workplace”. One of the most important tasks of the “Detox Office” is to create an environment in which people can counterbalance their digital work. All product innovations and solutions from the first launch phase in 2023 make a significant contribution in this context. The introduction of new products creates an environment that provides variety and promotes health and well-being. 

With se:lab mobile elements, Sedus introduces a plant wall that serves as an agile design element. The product can be used to flexibly create green spaces of retreat. It can also be used as a pin board or a surface that can be written on, for working and brainstorming.

With se:dot, the German office furniture manufacturer launches a product that is characterised by its organic, natural and homely design. The stools are flexible to use and create a pleasant atmosphere in the office.

The expansion of the monochrome colour concept of se:air with three additional nature-inspired shades will in future complement tone-in-tone concepts in the office and also in one's own home.  
Sedus is also introducing further additions to the se:matrix modular shelving system – the high desk and the planter. 

Sedus INSIGHTS No. 17 is released to coincide with the May launch

The topic of “The Detox Office: a mindful ecosystem for the workplace” is also addressed in the Sedus INSIGHTS Trend Monitor No. 17. With INSIGHTS, Sedus has been providing a medium for several years that offers an expert understanding of current developments in society, the world of work and the office landscape. Data and facts, expert talks, case studies as well as solutions and tips provide valuable insights to identify new trends and derive meaningful measures accordingly. 

However, Sedus INSIGHTS is more than just a trend report. With this publication, Sedus creates a bridge to practical solutions, hints and tips and thus offers real added value for architects, specialist planners and decision-makers who are interested in the design of the working environments of tomorrow. Sedus shows examples of where the trends are used in practice and how to create modern working environments.  
The new issue of Sedus INSIGHTS No. 17 is available as a preview under the following link and can also be subscribed to online:

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