Vitamin S: Stay healthy with Sedus

For Sedus, it goes without saying that we always keep an eye on the health of our employees, because they are the company's greatest asset. As a good employer, Sedus is aware of this responsibility and is, therefore, a little more committed than other companies

Taste for more: The company restaurants

Healthy nutrition is the key to well-being. When the meal is deliciously prepared, it also puts people in a good mood and boosts their motivation. This is the case in the company restaurants "Oase" in Dogern and in the "Loft" in Geseke. We prepare everything fresh, according to a wholefood diet introduced by Emma Stoll, and using local products, many of which are even grown on the factory premises in Dogern. What about the time between breakfast and lunch? Once again, Sedus provides healthy treats. Employees can get apples and the popular vegetable broth at a number of locations at the company premises which they can easily take to their workplace – free of charge, of course.

Fit with fun: The company health management

Regular health days, free medical check-ups, contributions for fitness classes: Occupational health management (OHM) is a high priority at Sedus. At least as important as health promotion is the fun we have together, which is conveyed by programmes, such as back classes, running events or fascia training – because health is a shared interest. Nutrition plays a significant role in OHM. A database of tasty recipes that you can simply recreate at home makes healthy cooking appealing to everyone.

Work healthier: Sedus ergo+

Getting plenty of exercise is important for your health. This is especially true in the workplace where a lot of time is spent in a sitting position. In addition to the correct sitting position, this also involves regular changes of posture and, last but not least, ergonomic seating furniture, which has to be properly adjusted.

Sedus ergo+ is an initiative dedicated to promoting physical activity and preventive measures in the workplace. The services include personal advice from experienced specialists and recommendations for individually suitable seating furniture.

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