Co-designed employee's experience beyond 9 to 5


How can the design of the office environment help and support people to stay active and be healthy at work?



The advantages are evident for both the individual and the organization. Co-design and customization should be part of the hacktivation phenomena and related to working space, time and its forms. They should be related to business and social issues, internal and external to the company, since the boundaries between our professional and personal lives are less and less apparent. When individuals start to adapt the layout of work settings, change the position of objects and use furniture differently, they start to appropriate space for themselves, becoming part of it; they provide it with a personal touch and it starts to adapt to their communal and personal needs. It becomes a space with personality.

1. Mobile furniture that adapt to activity

Creativity and workshop sessions demand furniture that adapts to the individual and team. Each single user should determine the position and the height of a workstation. As a group individuals should be free to decide to be connected, bringing their desks together.
Even formal meebrting spaces should be subject to change when people decide to stand up and change posture.

2. Informal working areas and vertical surfaces to share ideas

Most innovations are created during informal meetings. They happen by chance but these spaces should also be created on purpose. The look and shape of them should easily be customisable by users. The organic shape of furniture provides a different context to that of a formal meeting. Mobile vertical surfaces to write and pin thoughts to help to facilitate creativity.

3. Tools to manage the shift form concentration to communication

The perception of a space and its transparency can be transformed by vertical elements, which should change their position and orientation according to the needs of individuals and the team. The use of adjustable vertical accessories, allows even fixed workstations to adapt themselves to the needs of people for collaborative and focussed work.

4. Accessories supporting personalization of the work environment

Personalising your space is about decorating your working environment by using accessories and objects that reflect your style and mood. The Sedus to go collection matches perfectly with other Sedus products and provide office workers a solution on how to personalise space with useful, functional items such as coat racks, pencil holders, magnets and trays in a variety of different colours.

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