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Swivel chair

Pinpoint dynamic sitting: Sedus black dot stands for long-lasting quality, sophisticated design and numerous feature options. Sitting still for a prolonged period of time takes its toll on the body and on our mental performance. Thanks to the flexibility of the Sedus dorsokinetic mechanism, the user stays mobile and always in balance. This is good for the intervertebral discs, and relaxes the neck and back muscles, allowing the head to move freely. 

Design black dot & black dot 24: Michael Kläsener (Sedus Design Team)
Design black dot net: Markus Dörner



Innovative technology for maximum well-being

Whether classically upholstered or with a transparent mesh backrest – all models in the Sedus black dot series impress with their sophisticated technology, perfect individual user customisation options and absolutely smooth functioning. What’s unique about Sedus’ patented dorsokinetic mechanism is that the backrest is attached at only one point by a flexible joint. Whereas other chairs are rigid, Sedus black dot is dynamic and supports the back, even when swivelling or turning to the side.


Classic upholstered comfort and transparent lightness

The sophisticated upholstery system and the first-class finish emphasise the high quality of this family of chairs, and contribute towards its longevity. With its airy membrane backrest, Sedus black dot net is extremely slim and light. The covering ensures optimal pressure distribution of body weight. The patented Sedo-Lift mechanism also contributes towards excellent seating comfort. It is used to adjust the seat height easily, continuously and free from wear. At the same time, the Sedo Lift mechanism guarantees a soft, pleasant suspension regardless of the chosen seat height.



BackrestHeight-adjustable lumbar support
Adjustable backrest pressure
Height-adjustable neck support
Different cover for backrest upholstery
ArmrestsHeight-adjustable armrestsWithout armrests
3-D armrests with soft-touch covers
Seat mechanism“Similar” mechanism“Similar” mechanism with seat tilt adjustment
Sliding seat (adjustment range 60 mm)
Seat height-adjustmentSedo-Lift mechanismGas lift mechanism
BaseAluminium base, powder-coated blackAluminium base, powder-coated white aluminium
Aluminium base, polished
Model colour (mechanism and plastic parts)Black 
MiscellaneousHard castors for soft floorsSoft castors for hard floors
black dot 

User weight• Recommended for user weights up to 120 kg

• Anatomically shaped seating surface with pelvis support, seat hollow and rounded front edge of seat 
• Shaped foam (polyurethane foam) 
• Width 470 mm, depth 400 mm
• Upholstery thickness 50 mm 
• Optional sliding seat with seat depth 380 - 440 mm

Seat height-adjustment • Sedo-lift mechanism: complete cushioning of body weight, even in lowest seating position, no compression of the spine when sitting down provided by hydraulic interlock, completely free of wear and tear, mechanical failure or gas lift replacement, height adjustment between 420 - 520 mm 
• Optional gaslift for infinitely variable height adjustment 395 - 520 mm 
• Optional gaslift for counter design with footring
Base • Aluminium base, powder-coated, black, white aluminium, white or polished aluminium 
• Optional plastic star base (glass-fibre reinforced polyamide), black or light grey
• Hard or soft castors with 65 mm diameter 
• The backrest support always matches the star base, so a swivel chair with a polished star base automatically comes with a polished backrest support.
Backrest • Integrated height-adjustable (80 mm) 
• Due to the dorsokinetic joint the backrest has an additional degree of freedom of 15° for backward movements and of 8° for lateral movements of the upper body 
• Backrest made of polypropylene
• Upholstery thickness 50 mm 
• Back of backrest partially upholstered for pleasant feel to the touch
• Side ends of the upholstery made of air-permeable material in different coloured knitted spacer fabric (black) 
• Optional for versions with the high backrest: neck support with height (80 mm) and tilt adjustment (25°), for fabric versions made of black vinyl; for leather versions, neck support in the selected leather 
• Optional coat hanger in conjunction with neck support 

• Height-adjustable plastic armrests (3611) in black, height adjustment 100 mm (200 - 300 mm), clear width 490 - 520 mm 
• Optionally available 4D adjustable armrests with Softtouch pads, in model colour (3414) or in black with polished aluminium support (3484), height adjustment 100 mm (200 - 300 mm), inside width 450 – 500 mm with parallel armrests, inside width 360 – 510 mm by swivelling the pads (distance between armrest front edges)

Mechanism • Similar mechanism with tension control: balanced force curve due to coordinated spring concept 
• Seat and backrest move completely synchronised with the body 
• Synchronicity relationship between seat and backrest 1:2.7
• Adaptation to different user weights enables sensitive latching of the rapid adjustment mechanism (leaning pressure 450 - 1200N and 550 - 1500N (stronger spring) [10N = 1 kg]) 
• Backrest inclination to approx. 32°, can be locked in virtually continuously variable manner (11 different settings)
• Permanent back support even when the backrest is inclined backwards at a wide angle, due to uniform force distribution of the mechanical springs 
• Optional seat tilt adjustment (+0°; -2°; -4°), less pressure against the thighs without the user sliding out of the seat pan
Standards / Certificates • GS label by TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH / DIN EN 1335 
• Ergonomics Certificate by TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH 
• Tested for harmful substances by TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH 
• QUALITY OFFICE quality seal 
• GREENGUARD certified 
• AGR quality seal - Healthy Backs Campaign
• iF product design award 2007
Warranty • 5 years
• 30 years for Sedo-lift mechanism  


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