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The ideal home office desk


At the office, we have everything we need for work: A desk, swivel chair, and storage space. At the home office, things are usually different – because working at home is different from working in an office. But no matter where we work, having our own desk is important for any task. This is where secretair home comes in.

Design your own unique Sedus product – after all, maximum comfort requires customised solutions.

Our configurator guides you step by step through the various options and customisation possibilities of the product. At the end of the configuration process, you can request a non-binding quote, download images and planning data and test the product directly in the room using augmented reality.

You can call up your personal configuration again at any time using your personal PIN code – just save it, come back later and make adjustments. Let's go!


For good posture in the home office

Ergonomic furniture makes all the difference, because sedentary activities in particular require good posture to prevent health problems. Supplemented by a comfortable and good chair, secretair home becomes a practical workplace in the home office.

Space saver for any room

Its convenient size and the storage shelf for utensils make secretair home a real allrounder. It offers plenty of space for storing documents within easy reach. At the same time, the desk doesn’t take up much space in a room or corridor.


The shelf is integrated into the PET felt frame to accommodate pens, note pads or a calendar.

Wireless charger

A wireless charger can be optionally installed so that you can charge your smartphone while you are working.

Design features

Light design, clear lines, and an organic shape: secretair home stands out due to its modern, uncluttered appearance. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it even fits into small niches. The desk can be easily assembled in just a few steps.

World of colour

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