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Compact and comfortable

It is no longer unusual to have a sofa in the office. Many companies nowadays provide cosy seating areas. But that alone is not enough if you also want to boost the productivity of your employees. Sedus has, therefore, created something completely new with se:works: Ergonomic and multifunctional upholstered furniture to make people feel at home in the office. But leaving no doubt that it has been designed for working. Alone and in a team.

Design: Falk Blümler (Sedus Design Team)


Relaxing efficiency

Armchairs, sofas, etc. are normally used for relaxing breaks, informal get-togethers with colleagues or a place where you can concentrate without being disturbed. It is quick, easy and inexpensive to create the right environment. In addition to the parametric fit, se:works provides a large selection of ready-made configurations: from traditional complete designs such as armchairs and free-standing sofas to unusual sofas such as circular, S-shaped or U-shaped. Equipped with various tables and work surfaces. se:works is available in a wide range of materials and colours.


Open for modern forms of work

Thanks to its modules, tables and power supply options, se:works provides unlimited combinations for all kinds of use while creating a flexible office environment. As a shielded retreat for confidential conversations or for concentrated work, through to dynamic team meetings and informal get-togethers. You can choose a standard formation such as a circle, S-shaped, face-to-face or bench, or your own individual layout. Appropriate feel-good islands or entire landscapes can be created in any office.






Construction and upholstery construction• Base frame made of steel, consisting of horizontally extending support beams and laterally positioned steel legs. Foot panels made from aluminium or wood.
• Seat upholstery consisting of wooden frame with an elastic membrane as the base upholstery, and topped with two-layer construction of polyurethane and polyether foam in various thicknesses and compression hardnesses. Polyurethane: thickness 15 mm, density 60 kg/m³, compression hardness 7.0, and polyether foam: 70 mm, density 50 kg/m³, compression hardness 4.0. Cover with upholstery web density 200 g/m³. Front edge of seat rounded.
• Backrest upholstery with anatomically shaped lumbar support. Wooden supporting structure, polyether foam, thickness 110 mm, density 40 kg/m³, compression hardness 3.0. Cover with upholstery web.
• Screen element consisting of wooden carcass, which ends at the height of the seat upholstery with rounded trims in PU hard foam. Topped with an upholstery construction of polyurethane and polyether foam covered with upholstery web. Height: 1230 mm, thickness: 30 mm.
• Covers not glued into place
• Overall design in parametric basic structure, so that linear sofa elements can be configured in individual lengths to the nearest centimetre as required
Covering materials•  Note on Remix collection: Remix is a durable and elegant woollen fabric, which sets itself apart from other Sedus collections through its high level of resilience. With intensive use, partial creases may develop as a result, for which the fabric cannot fully compensate. This does not constitute grounds for complaint.
Fire protection• Option of highly flame resistant version. Seat, backrest and screen element foams in flame-retardant quality, cover in flame-retardant wadding. Seat foam: density 35 kg/m³, compression hardness 4.0. Backrest and armrest foam: 37 kg/m³, compression hardness 3.2.
• Test certificate according to DIN 66084 P-a
• Test certificates apply to the Step and Craggan collection. The test certificates do not cover storage surfaces, writing tray or foot panels made of wood

• Complete models: armchair, two-seater sofa, three-seater sofa
• Solitary elements for modular configuration: stool, 2-seater or 3-seater benches, can be combined with backrests, corner backs, screen elements or storage surfaces
• Linkable elements for modular configuration. Suitable for seating areas in the “endless method”:
1. Single, 2- and 3-seater benches can be combined with backrests, corner backs, screen elements or storage surfaces
2. Angular element 45°, can be combined with backrest and screen elements
3. Angular element 90°, can be combined with corner back and screen elements
• Suggested configurations: to facilitate planning, sofa elements are pre-configured to reflect common applications

Frame system• Foot panels, aluminium powder coated black, white or polished
• Optional foot panels in natural beech B26, black B45, white B46 or natural oak C11
• Black powder coated frame as standard for foot panels in aluminium, black and polished, natural beech and black, natural oak, optionally in white
• White powder coated frame as standard for foot panels made of white aluminium and white beech, optionally in black
• Universal plastic glides made of polyamide for hard and soft floors
Tray• Writing tray for temporary use by someone working with a laptop. Work surface can be individually adjusted horizontally at two pivot points. Retrofitting, dismantling and individual positioning along the front edge of the seat of the sofa possible by means of a screw connection.
• 12 mm table top made of compact fibreboard, black edges, colour pure white (T14) or black (T17)
• Frame optionally powder coated in black or white
• Tray height 660 mm
Storage surface• Storage surface made from 50 mm three-layer chipboard in:
1. Melamine finish (colour pure white K14, graphite black K70), finished with all-round edging
2. High-quality crown cut veneer surface, 3 mm veneer edge on all sides. Surface in a high quality, durable, two-component water-based polyurethane lacquer.
• 3. Linoleum with real wood in hickory natural (Q10), optionally other veneer edges according to the Sedus veneer range
• E1 quality wood materials
• Veneer is a natural product. The colour of the veneer is determined by the type and structure of the wood, and may vary. All woods change colour over time because of the effects of light. As such, the veneer may be markedly different from the sample at the time of delivery. Natural differences are not a cause for complaint, but in fact confirm that the material is genuine.
Electrification• power supply: housing in white or black. Equipped with 2 power connections or 1 power connection and 1 USB charger. Incl. 1.5 m power cable. Sockets in a protected position under the front seat edge, can be moved. Electrical connection unit can be retrofitted and removed, can be ordered from the “power & data” price list under pd-001/8908 or 8909.
• Storage surface - built-in socket module Point: socket module in chrome matt look. Incl. 3 m power cable. The storage shelf must be prepared for the installation of the socket module. Can be ordered from the “power & data” price list under pd-001/8749.
• Storage surface - wireless charger visible: socket in black or white. The storage shelf must be prepared for the installation of the charger. Can be ordered from the “power & data” price list under pd-201/8970-154.
• focus – built-in socket module Netbox M3 for electrical connection of the sidebox, housing in black, with Wieland power cable 3 m
• focus – wireless charger not visible, integrated in sidebox storage surface, laminated or veneered surface and with a symbol for identification.
Standards / Certificates• GS label by TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH / DIN EN 16139 L1

• GREENGUARD certified
• ICONIC AWARDS 2017: Interior Innovation – Winner
• Red Dot Award 2017, Winner
• German Design Award 2018, Winner

Warranty• 5 years


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