se:works table

Bistro, canteen & lounge table



Nowadays you can work anywhere. But small-talk with colleagues, exchanging ideas and finding inspiration, experiencing a sense of togetherness and developing a common culture -  that’s only possible with direct contact, preferably informally. Sofa areas are the ideal meeting places. The height of the individual se:works tables has been designed to encourage a correct ergonomic posture whilst working on a sofa. They are available in a choice of  rectangular or circular designs, with two different diameters, a melamine and real wood surface as well as a black or white base.

Design your own unique Sedus product – after all, maximum comfort requires customised solutions.

Our configurator guides you step by step through the various options and customisation possibilities of the product. At the end of the configuration process, you can request a non-binding quote, download images and planning data and test the product directly in the room using augmented reality.

You can call up your personal configuration again at any time using your personal PIN code – just save it, come back later and make adjustments. Let's go!



The practical, movable and height-adjustable table.

In striving to reduce the occupancy density at workstations, the demand for alternative work areas increases. A good alternative in transforming space can be delivered by adding small and flexible tables for temporary tasks in lounge areas. The se:works assistant table is height adjustable and especially suited to be used when working on a sofa.



Bring on the colour

Bring colour into your office with the new frame colours sand beige, fjord green and cayenne red.


se: works table assistant

se: works table circle
se: works table trapezoid
se: works table side table


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