se:works table

Bistro, canteen & lounge table



Nowadays you can work anywhere. But small-talk with colleagues, exchanging ideas and finding inspiration, experiencing a sense of togetherness and developing a common culture -  that’s only possible with direct contact, preferably informally. Sofa areas are the ideal meeting places. The height of the individual se:works tables has been designed to encourage a correct ergonomic posture whilst working on a sofa. They are available in a choice of  rectangular or circular designs, with two different diameters, a melamine and real wood surface as well as a black or white base.


The practical, movable and height-adjustable table.

In striving to reduce the occupancy density at workstations, the demand for alternative work areas increases. A good alternative in transforming space can be delivered by adding small and flexible tables for temporary tasks in lounge areas. The se:works assistant table is height adjustable and especially suited to be used when working on a sofa.



Bring on the colour

Bring colour into your office with the new frame colours sand beige, fjord green and cayenne red.


se: works table assistant

se: works table circle
se: works table trapezoid
se: works table side table


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