easy screen silent

Acoustic screens for the desk

easy screen silent is a combination of privacy and sound insulation for desks. Whether on the desk, behind the desk or for double workstations, easy screen silent can be mounted in the way that suits you best. 

The screens reduce ambient noise and provide privacy for concentrated work. The elegant and timeless design with rounded corners, blends harmoniously into existing furnishing concepts.


Sound absorption Class C

1.    Sound absorbing wood fibre core
2.    Fabric (covered with acoustic foam on the inside)
3.    Piping

Customised design

Different fabrics from the same fabric collection can be selected for the acoustic elements. This allows for the creation of individual colour concepts and unique workplaces.

Organiser rail

Optionally, the easy screen silent can be fitted with an organiser rail at the top. It has a functions groove on both sides, which is used to hold individual accessories.


Using various adapters, easy screen silent can be mounted on any desktop with a thickness of 19 to 25 mm. The adapters are available in six different colours to match the most popular leg frames. Three adapters are required for desks with a width of 1751 mm or more.

Best acoustics for many application areas

Design features

Whether used on an individual desk or on a bench, easy screen silent ensures the best acoustics due to its well-thought-out design and offers elegant privacy protection for concentrated work in many areas.

Screen elements - desk-mounted
Screen elements - mounted behind the desk
Screen elements - mounted behind the desk (twin)


Sustainable production

We purchase around two thirds of the steel, aluminium and wood which we require to produce our products in Germany and almost all the rest from Europe, this helps us to avoid long delivery routes whilst, at the same time, boosting the local economy. We use materials which have been tested and assessed with respect to potentially adverse effects on human health and the environment.


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